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Welcome to the first step into the journey within my worlds.

Hello, I am SoaringMoon, an avid world builder and thus poster on the worldbuilding subreddit. You may be familiar with my old wiki. This is my new one. It is hosted on a web server, and not on a free service like the other one I was using. My plan is to keep this website on long term support. With that, I will be adding things on a regular basis just like I would a web comic. This way people can check up on the wiki and see new stuff that has been added. Mainly I have a job where I sit at a desk over night answering phone calls, and this will give me something to do in the interim.

The list of universes this wiki covers are of my own creation. You can find them in the sidebar to the left.

  • Links that are GREEN are finished.
  • Links that are RED are not finished.
  • Links that are BLUE lead outside of this website.


Important Pages

Also, consider viewing my youtube channel. I do like money, and that makes me money without having to beg for donations.

About the Map

I am most well known for creating this map.

There is alot to cover in this new map. The maps is made of many many small islands. The maximum island width is about 500 argoknots (490.91mi). Islands of larger sizes are made of strong stone like granite. This is the upper limit an island can grow before it will break apart, or fall from the sky. Islands can sink, lift, split, drift, and plummet. The wind eventually pushes islands around and away from each other.

The Source is a large sphere in the sky that pulses dark and light about every 29 hours. The center location for the Source above the sky is marked on the map with a large teal dot. The map divisions have been left out of this version of the map for aesthetic reasons. Places in Una are communicated through a 3 dimensional coordinate system; using the distance from source origin, the radial location in degrees from standard sourceout (north), and elevation over the void cloud layer.

There are 4 directions used to navigate:

Sourceward / Sourceways: Moving toward the source.

Outward / Outways: Moving away from the source.

Portward / Portways / Right: The direction of a ship that docks to port when facing the source origin.

Cloudward / Cloudways / Left: The direction pointing toward the sky when facing the source origin.


Cities: Every port city with a population greater than 250,000 is labeled. Smaller cities and towns exist, but they are currently unamed, because I have enough work to do as it is.

◇ 250,000 - 500,000 population

◈ 500,000 - 1,000,000 population

◆ 1 million or more population

Parks: Green areas are biomes that grow many trees, it matches the biomes when zooming out of the map. Some park areas have been labeled as to their purpose. Islands that contain more than 50% of “park sutable” area, are colored green.

Skyways: The yellow lines all over the map are skyways, highways but in the sky. The skyways are metaphorical roads. They are mostly safe paths used for trade, navigation, and travel. On the skyways safety is in numbers. You are much harder to rob surrounded by hundreds of ships willing to fight will you against pirates. Away from the skyways you are in open sky sometimes hundreds of miles from the nearest friendly ship. Of course large pirate clans will still attack the skyways with high firepower ships or small armadas. There are a couple kinds of skyways.

Skyways - Mostly straight line routes that are marked with buoys.

Windways - Curved, indirect, windy, or otherwise difficult routes that are marked with buoys.

Crossways - Merging shipping lanes with an extraordinarily high traffic; marked with buoys.

Exchanges - Wide open areas that contain a high number of ships where open trade occurs outside of ports. No marking is needed as there must always be another ship in-sight to qualify as an exchange.

Raceways - Skyways with a strong wind consistently favorable in one direction, and unfavorable in the other; marked with buoys.

Geographical Locations: Dark teal labels many mark windwalls, areas of high wind difficult to pass, and drifts which move both islands and ships.

Hazards: Red labels indicate dangerous locations and places to avoid.

Changes to the New Map

Boy there were a lot of changes to this new map let me cover them one by one.

The entire image is now in a SVG format, which produces images with a smaller file size. Rather than pixels, SVG is a sort of “connect the dots” filetype, just a very long list of coordinate points. As the image has gotten higher in resolution and larger in size, I have had to push image rendering technology, and this poor computer, to it's absolute limit. I am using inkscape to do this.

I have redrawn then entire map by hand. This means there is a higher visual fidelity and jaggedness to coastlines. There were some places on the map where islands were at one time copied, pasted, and rotated or stamped in order to save time. This is no longer the case, as I have bit the bullet and invested 100% into drawing all of the coastlines with my tablet. The result, I feel, is much nicer.

Green/Park islands are no longer a partially colored mess. I decided to color the entire island, if 50% or more was covered in forests or other greenery.

I have started the process of naming every single island on the map. You will get to patches dense with island names, others will have no names at all. I am working outward from capital cities and nation labels. There are alot of easter eggs with names on this map.

Labels are crisper and more uniform.

City icons are now unicode characters, making them much easier to read and provide more information.

Skyway paths now use a nice pattern of dashes to make the map prettier.

Skyways now take more direct routes, and generally make more logical sense.

A Little About The World

The world of Una is an infinite expanse of floating islands. This world is, of course, populated by airships and sky pirates. Una is not a spherical planet, it is a flat plane that expands endlessly in all directions. These islands float overtop of a void of clouds and storms. What is below the clouds is an ever deepening mass of gasses that collect into heavier forms and is homogeneous. The physical laws of the plane of Una allows islands to float above this void.

These islands are grown from a gemstones, called Gemin, after they descend from the sky. These gemstones collect matter over time scales geological. As it collects dust and sand from its surroundings, it forms a platter of stone. Gemin have magical power indicated by their color. Some can expel water in gallons, radiate heat in excess, or add flora and fauna in droves. All of the natural processes these islands undertake are set into motion by the Gemin in the cores of each island; and now, by the humans that have adapted to inhabit them.

The sky is covered in birds, the ground in birds, and the waters in fish with wings. The humans glide from island to island in wingsuits and ships. Around all of the ports of the cities of Una, nets hang to catch the gliders that inevitably fall short of the island docks.

Keygemin includes elements of a sky pirates genre, but is first and foremost a monster collecting world. Gemin can be transformed into sentient creatures, called Keygemin. Some Gemin are attracted, romantically, to each other. This causes islands clump into large “social” groups. Some islands grouped near the center of the map are pushed away by the sourceways wind.

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