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5e Homebrew Module

19 Towers = 1 point

19 Main Quests = 3 Points each

38 Side Quests = 2 points each
2 in each city

20 Mini Quests = 1 bonus point each

1 / 1 Primary Quest = 8 bonus points
4 / 5 Exterminate = 3 points each
2 / 5 Exploit = 3 points each
2 / 5 Explore = 3 points each
3 / 4 Expand = 3 points each

Main Quest
  8 Stop the Extraplanar being from unleashing the "apocalypse".
  - TIMED QUEST: The party has 1 in game month.
  - Level 20 Opponent.
  - End boss is a young ghoulish girl with great power.
  - Basically every spell.
3 / 10 Exterminate = 2 points each
4 / 9 Exploit = 2 points each
4 / 10 Explore = 2 points each
4 / 9 Expand = 2 points each
7 / ? Mini Quests = 1 bonus point each

Adamant Hall
  - A Dwarven city mined miles into the ground.
  - The only exporter of Adamantite in the region.
  3 Deliver a valuable metal to 'Mondelphi' to resist the 'Dark Spire'.
  2 Retrieve the "mysterious gemstone".
  2 Recruit backup from 'Allenhouse' for the invasion of the 'Dark Spire'.
  - A large highly populated city of soliders, clergymen, and paladin knights.
  3 Investigate the 'Monolith of White Stone' and return.
  2 A paladin has been stealing donations to the church, deal with him.
  2 Something is going on with the 'Dark Spire', gather information about it.
  - Strong magic caster presence.
  3 Find out why the magic is not working in 'Amagic'.
  2 Disable the "spell jammer" in the mage tower, and interogate the """Archmage""".
  '@' The arch mage will indicate that he is an 'Unbornefell' spy sent to weaken the cities defenses.
  2 There is a """pastry thief""" in town find out who it is an stop them.
  '@' """Kobald pastry""" thief is hungry and means no harm.
  - Affluent farming town, grain is main export.
  3 Stop the """kobald slavemaster""".
  2 Free the """kobald slaves""" (or use them).
  2* Escort them to 'Port Sansell' to escape or be caputured.
  3* Escort them to 'Idishji' instead, to fortify the city.
  - A well fortified city with excess to a variety of spices.
  3 Investigate the 'Ancient Pyramid' and return with your findings.
  2 Supplies needed to build seige equipment continue to be intercepted by raiders, deal with them.
  2 Plans needed to complete the seige equipment have been stolen by the "goblin camp", deal with them.
El Liberine
  - At war with 'Le Jiair' with active soliders.
  3 Smuggle goods to 'Le Jiair' past city customs.
  2* If 'El Liberine' is victorious, they are tasked with delivering the terms of surrender.
  3* If a diplomatic peace is negotiated, talk to each leader.
  2 'El Liberine' is low on weapons, find weapons for them from 'Le Jiair'.
  3 Stop an old woman from gambling, who has aquirred a significant debt.
  2 Counter kill an assassin for some assassin gold.
  2 Someone holding a competition wants to see your javilin throwing skills.
  3 Find the stolen staff and return it for information about the "something strange" about the 'TOWER'.
  2 The fishseller has some new competition with a strange new device, steal it for him.
  2 Something is off about the tavern owner's alcohol, and is making people high, find out why.
  '@' Leads to information about the "thieves guild", password """have you seen my dice""".
  - City of kobalds is sprawling, highly populated and multi-tiered.
  - The orcs continue to ransack and pillage the city on a regular basis,
  despite their cities "formidable defenses" (lol).
  3 Repel the next orcish invasion.
  2 Fortify the city with the help of the Idishjian city guard.
  2 Order siege equipment from Calanade with the "worthless yellow metal".
Le Jiair
  - At war with 'El Liberine' with active soldiers.
  3 Fight in glorious combat and leave 'Le Jiair' dead or victorious.
  2* If 'Le Jiair' is victorious, they are tasked with delivering the terms of surrender.
  3* If a diplomatic peace is negotiated, talk to each leader.
  2 'Le Jiair' is missing some armor, find some for them from 'El Liberine'.
  - Produces a large amount of salt, and has a huge salt trade.
  3 """Someone""" here know about the enemy of from beyond, find him and learn about the "other plane".
  2 Find the "Book of Sand" for the """Someone""" or keep it.
  '@' The "Book of Sand" contains a limitless number of pages, and if destroyed
  returns to its owner within 24 hours. Retrieved pages are random, and cannot be selected.
  2 Find the "Pen of Dust" for the """Someone""" or keep it.
  '@' The "Pen of Dust" is an inkless writing implement that permanently etches
  text onto any surface. Even spell based erasure cannot remove this text.
  3 Defeat the end boss located in the 'Dark Spire'.
  2 Gather reenforcements from other villages.
  1* 'Idishji' support.
  1* 'Le Jiair' or 'El Biberine' support.
  1* 'Amagic' support.
  1* 'Sumting' support.
Port Sansell
  - Ship manufacturing port.
  3 Find the """kobald smuggler""" (who is a kobald).
  '@' Clues that the """kobald slavemaster""" is in 'Arbormor'.
  2 Overhear about the apocalypse and actually listen.
  2 Overtake the stolens ship in the shipyard and return it to the owner.
  3 Find the old man with information about the coming "apocalypse".
  '@' Inform the party about 1 lunar month.
  2 Find a new source of stone for 'Rimwall's walls.
  2 A dark energy is coming from a church, find an eliminate it.
Rotol Abyss
  - Said to be an entrance to the underdark.
  '@' Goes to another plane instead (infinite dungeon).
  3 Find the key on the 5th floor and return it to the young woman.
  1* The woman will double cross you have she has the key, defeat her or take the key back.
  2 Visit the Rotol Abyss museum, and either escape or be knocked out for 24 hours and thrown outside.
  2 Avoid being knocked out, or escape the Rotol Abyss.
  - Newdaiz themed Japanese elf town.
  3 Help take down the white whale, who seems to have a valuable item stuck inside of it.
  2 You find a valuable armor on the ground, keep it; or return it for experience.
  2 Talk to the city beggar, and work information about the "thieves guild".
  '@' Gives the secret handshake of 575, and a haiku.
  Dismal break of day
  A common, little thief kicked
  in spite of the child
  - A town of thieves and undesirables.
  3 Find the escaped convicts, and report them to the authorities for execution.
  2 Find the "thieves guild".
  '@' Need at least 2 of the 3 "thieves guild" information points to enter.
  2 Help the thieves guild steal an item from the executioner (preventing the execution of the convicts).
  2* Provide all 3 information points.
  - Town of Half Orcs and Orcs.
  3 Show your dominance to the leader of the city for information about the apocalypse.
  2 Free the """kobald slaves""", and arm the "kobald rebellion".
  2 Lead the "kobald rebellion" back to 'Idishji'.
  - Dragon """Orgumonel""" protects tower of 'Unbornefell Keep'.
  3 Shut down the conspiracy to destroy 'Amagic' for good.
  '@' Find the """Nephralog death cult""".
  '@' Return magic to the city of 'Amagic'.
  2 Retrieve the "shiny rock" from the 'Limestone Reposte' for """Orgumonel""" (the dragon).
  2 Kill the leader of the """Naphralog death cult""".

1 / 1 Complete All = 4 bonus points
19 / 19 Activate = 1 point each
4 / ? Mini Quests = 1 bonus point each

Ancient Pyramid
  - A long abbandoned tomb of a pharoh of half the world.
  1 Climbing the Pyramid to activate view.
  '@' The key to this tomb is located in Tomb of Irosphet.
  1 Exploring the dungeon and killing the mummy.
Bay of Boars
  - Bay overrun by an overwhelming population of aggressive boars.
  1 Reaching the home of the """King of Boars""" will activate view.
  1 Kill the """King of Boars""", and retrieve "Tusk of Mathula".
  '@' The "Tusk of Mathula" is a +3 Dagger dealing 2d6 poison damage, and 1d4 poison
  damage per round per successive strike (short or long rest cures).
Bay of Piscine Blood
  - Not much resistance at this location.
  - Camp is located here.
  1 The red waters of the sea are calm and one can see for miles.
Bluestone Lighthouse
  1 Climb the stairs in the lighthouse, and kill the zombies.
Castillo de Pollos
  1 The Castle of Pollo has a 7 story keep.
  - Inside of the keep are large siege equipment that still operational.
  - Activating the tower allows the lake creatures to spot you.
  1 Repel the mutant crab and chicken invasion.
Collapsed Great Bridge
  - Once a great architectural marvel has been lost to time.
  1 Climb the suspension towers to activate view.
Dark Spire
  - Then end boss is located in this tower
  1 Climb the dark spire to activate view.
Dole Coast Lighthouse
  - Enterance to lighthouse is partly submerged.
  1 Lighthouse must be lit to activate view.
Fulhurk Overlook
  - An ancient civilization would throw malformed children over these vertical cliffs.
  1 Stand over danagerous branch to activate view.
Galley Graveyard
  - Sharp rocks on the coat have sunk countless ships.
  1 Climb the mast of the Mastodon to activate view.
Highest Hill
  - A hill visible from anywhere in the surrounding area.
  1 Effectively taken over by goblins, defeat them to reach their lookout tower.
Jelly Mound
  - A mount of gelatinous fluids and solids spat up by a thriving colony of slimes and jellys.
  1 Reach the top to activate view.
Limestone Reposte
  - A large outcrop of limestone that is difficult to climb.
  1 Climb limestone to summit to activate view.
Montehill Obelisk
  - An ancient stone structure dedicated to a once great king of Alme.
  1 Stand atop obelisk to activate view.
Monolith of White Stone
  - The polished reflective snow white surface of the stone can be seen by anyone who can 
  see it's location on the horizon (40 kms), even at night.
  1 Climing the stone activates view.
  '@' While climing the climber for some reason takes the effects of vicious mockery
  against them. After 5 rounds becomes dazed. After 10 rounds becomes blind.
Range of Allenhouse
  1 An area cleared of all debris by fire used for long range archery training by all of Alem.
San Antonio
  1 Tall statue of Saint Anthony holding his iconic scepter.
Sword's Home
  - The sword is said to be at the top of the Sword's Home in a receptacle.
  1 The sword inside is fake, it is up to the players figure that out.
  1 Grabing the sword shows a player a vision revealing the area.
  '@' The true sword location is through a kilometer long tunnel.
Westmont Bridge
  - Protected by trapped doors and devices.
  1 Lookout point is at the top of gatehouse.
3 / ? Mini Quests = 1 bonus point each

Anne's Treasure
  - Resting place of the "White Mare", ship of the mysterious pirate known only as """Anne""".
  1 Retrieve the treasure of the "White Mare".
  '@' The treasure is """Anne's Bow""", a +3 Longbow of Piercing and Speed.
  1 Retrieve """Allwield""" from the tunnels of Sword's Home
  - Grasping """Allwield""" does a "litany of shit".
  - "A" Upon wielding """Allwield""", that wielder becomes trained in all weapons permanently.
  - "B" Allwield is a +5 Keen Longsword of Positive Energy Radiance.
  - "C" Evil creatures take 5d10's of damage upon grasping.
  - "D" Evil creatures take 2d10's more damage on strike.
  - "E" Holding the sword up to moonlight radiates true sunlight for a 100m radius.
Tomb of Irosphet
  1 Retrieve the Ancient Pyramid Key
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