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Worldbuilding Checklist C - Fantasy


  • How far back does common recorded history go?
  • How much is known of time before recorded history?
  • To what degree does the history of different cultures/races vary?
  • Are there relics of earlier eras that predate this?
  • What form do these relics take? (ruined cities, massive standing stones, ancient but common near-indestructible charms passed down through families, etc).
  • What is known?
  • What is not known?
  • What is suspected?


  • What are some of the major industries?
  • What are major economic resources of note? (Iron, Steel, Mithril, Salt, etc.)
  • What are especially valuable economic resources? (Gold, Admantium, Crystallized Thaumataugical Energy, Silver, Refined Uranium Isotopes, etc)
  • Are there any reasonably common but extremely valuable resources that require a large infrastructure to create or refine?
  • Are there any major widely-used resources that are controlled by a single country or a group of countries?
  • What is the major power source and how is it generated? Stored? Transmitted? (electricity?)
  • What percentage of the population works on food production?
  • What are common crops?
  • What are common livestock animals?
  • Are animals used for transportation? If so, what kinds?


  • What is personal weapon technology like? For the military? For civilians? (melee? ranged?)
  • What is personal defense technology like? For the military? For civilians? (body armor? personal force shields?)
  • What is medical technology like? What can be healed? What cannot?
  • What are the Transportation Options? Riding animals? Motor Vehicles? What types of sea travel? Flight? Airplanes? Airships? (Woo Hoo! Big-Ass Zepplins!)


  • How many major cultures are there?
  • What is their global population?
  • Where are they located geographically?
  • Do they have earth-analogues and what are they?
  • What led to their differences?
  • Do different cultures/lineages tend to have certain physical traits and if so, what are they?
  • What are class boundaries based on?


  • What is the geographical form of the setting? (ie: is the world flat, round, or a non-euclidean fragmented torus?)
  • What are some major Geographical differences between the Setting and Earth? (do Mountains tend to be much taller? are there large floating islands in the sky? is the subterranean riddled with a vast network of caves?)
  • How many continents are there?
  • How much is considered inhabited?
  • How much is considered uninhabited? (Why?)
  • What is known?
  • What is not known?
  • What is suspected?


  • How many major countries and/or political blocks are there and what are their relationships?
  • Where are they geographically?
  • What are their technology levels and population?
  • How many and what types of government civics are represented?
  • How common are wars?
  • What are some common examples of why there have been wars? (Religion?, resources? border disputes? cultural tensions?)


  • How many major cities are there, on average, per country?
  • How large (population) would you call a major city?
  • How are cities connected and what is the common mode of travel between cities?
  • How densely populated (#per sq km, this determines how large buildings are)
  • Trade connections?
  • Major trade routes/connecting roads/highways?
  • Political setup?


  • What are the major religions?
  • What are their cultural ties? (if any)
  • How much political influence do they wield?
  • Do the gods/spirits/ancestors worshiped talk back? are they capable of corporeal influence? Manifestation?
  • What are the common responsibilities and/or institutions managed by the religions? (care of the poor/sick, do they run hospitals, monasteries, orphanages, etc)
  • What are their attitudes towards Magic/Technology?
  • Do any of them have current (either overt or covert) training centers, mentors, or literature relating to Magic use?


  • What forms does Magic take?
  • From what does Magic draw its power, and how renewable or directly replenishable is this resource? (mana potions?)
  • What can magic do and what can it not do?
  • What is known?
  • What is not known?
  • What is suspected?

Nemesis Race(s)

  • Where are they geographically?
  • What is their current population?
  • What are their long-term plans?
  • What resources do they need to survive?
  • What resources do they need for their technology or voodoo?
  • Do they have Magic? (or analogues)
  • Why are they Evil?

Information Flow

  • How quickly does information flow between regions?
  • In what form is the information passed?
  • How reliable is this information?
  • What effect do terrain, intervening populations, magic, and technology have on the transmission of information?
  • Are there repositories for shared knowledge? Where are they? How extensive?
  • What is the education level of a given populace?
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