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Keygemin Universe


That was some time ago. In the current time, humans have accepted that they are not alone in the universe, and that some mysterious interstelar culture exists with the capibility to create sentient organisms, or are these setient organisms. The law enforcement, militaries, and criminal enterprise have replaced many of their conventional weapons systems with Keygemin.

A sense of loyalty and duty are felt between the Keygemin and their holders. A strong bond, and a kinship no different than that of a pet that one considers a member of the family.

Use of a Gemin

Any person with the desire to do so: be it a child, or a military general can hold a Gemin, and press the sharpened end of the gemstone against any material. The gemstone will transmute the target material around itself to form a sort of golem. This golem can be made of almost anything.

Stone, metal, rubber, concrete, brick, wood, cotton, fabic, water, feces, yellowcake uranium… etc.

The only conditions that need to be meet are that holder has the personal charisma to convince the Keygemin to manifest, and that the Gemin has the desire to mainifest with the chosen material, at the chosen location, at that time.

Once the Keygemin has manifest, it can do whatever it pleases. It could…

  • Turn into a fox and whimper until you feed it.
  • Turn into a dragon, set fire to your roof and fly away never to be seen again.
  • Turn into a refrigerator, and await further instructions.
  • Turn into a provocative humanoid figure to try to get what it wants.
  • Turn into a vehicle and help drag race for money.
  • Turn into a cat and steal all of your pencils, but only the pencils.

The consistant thing is that, it will choose a form to manifest as. For each of the 511 gemin there is a “most common/default” form you can expect it to choose. Some are robots, some are creatures, some of devices, some are humanoid. All of them have thoughts, feelings, and actions of their own.

For example, a person could set a Gemin into their computer. One like the Teal/Yellow gemin; that manifests typically as an electric device. You have indicated to it that, you want it to remain a computer so it does. This is now a sentient computer, it could potentially help you with your work. Or assist you playing (or cheating) in a game. On the other hand, it could mischievously start opening all of your files, or post your browsing history to facebook.

Sociological Problems

While any person could potentially own and handle a Keygemin, they are still creatures. For this reason, special licensing is required to breed or own them. Special schools teach Gemin theory, and teenagers breed gemin for fun in the basement of their grandparents house and pit them in fights against each other.

When this gets own of hand, people begin releasing Keygemin into the wild. Lost and alone, Keygemin begin to forage on their own. Often reaping havoc upon the ecosystem. This is where Keygemin Control has to step in and incapacitate the Keygemin, and revert back to their dormant Gemin gemstone state.

Breeding Gemin

Gemin are similar to a battery. The energy within the Gemin gemstone is not released until it is set into a material to manifest into a Keygemin. These gemstones can be charged with energy, by other gemin, as well as recuperate their energy over time. Two fully charged Gemin can be touched together. If both are willing (and of opposing anim), they may breed.

Gemin that share colors have a 66% chance to impart their color an spawn an offspring. Gemin that do not share a color have a 33% chance to impart that color onto the offspring.

  • A yellow and a blue gemin breed.
    • There is a 33.3% chance for a yellow gemin.
    • A 33.3% chance for a blue gemin.
    • A 16.6% chance for a yellow, blue gemin.
    • A 16.6% chance for a failed breed.

Gemin that attempt to breed, regardless of success, deplete half of their energy. They must then recuperate, and then wait before they may attempt to breed again. Often several days or weeks.

Another breeding example.

  • A red/blue and a red/black gemin breed.
    • There is a 29.6 chance for a red gemin.
    • A 7.4% for a blue gemin.
    • A 7.4% for a black gemin.
    • A 14.8% for a red/blue gemin.
    • A 14.8% for a red/black gemin.
    • A 3.7% for a blue/black gemin.
    • A 7.4% for a red/blue/black gemin.
    • A 14.8% for a failed breed


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