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Each color on the wheel correlates to an emotion a Gemin of that color will tend to express. Therefore in general.

Red Gemin: Tend to be more agressive and forceful in their actions. They will typically take the form of predatory animals with front facing eyes. They are difficult to control and tend not to listen to authority.

Magenta Gemin: These gemin a dangerous, territorial, and dislike humans. The hold distain for synthetic materials and have a generally negative disposition. They take forms of disgusting, molding, or rotting objects or organisms.

Blue Gemin: These gemin are also dangerous. They do not enjoy the presense of others, and are fearful of contact with other Gemin or people. In order to deter others, they will tend to exhibit extreme forms of a monsterous, unpleasant, or uncanny nature. Humanoid dolls or maniquins, dark tenticles, or sharp tooths long creatures.

Teal Gemin: Teal gemin exhibit the trait of hyperactivity. These gemin normally fast, or agile animalistic forms. Foxes, rabbits, squirrels, and cats. These gemin tend to make good familiars or pets.

Green Gemin: Trustworthy and loyal gemin, they give a sense of invitation and acceptance. Understanding a green gemin, and communicating with them is normally easy. These gemin are easily given tasks. They take the form of dogs, turtles, snails, small birds, plants, trees, and arachnids.

Chartreuse Gemin: Affectionate and loyal gemin, are very loving an gentile. These gemin also make good companions. These gemin can take the form of large birds like emu or ostrich, sheep, lammas, fish, and other prey like animals.

Yellow Gemin: These types are carefree and wild. They can with training make excellent companions. Their nature tends to be in self enjoyment without regards to consequences. These gemin can take the form of primates, medium sized birds, electronic devices, or even humanoids.

Orange Gemin: These gemin typically stick to tasks and assignments. They are very good at executing these tasks, even for an extended time. These gemin can take the form of robots, machines, vehicles, heavy machinery, golems, or statues.

In relation to the chart. Gemin of adjacent aspects will exhibit more of emotions of the combined colors. Gemin that have black exhibit more extreme emotions, and tend to be very malicious. A yellow/black gemin might for example manipulate people through sexual exploitation. A blue/black gemin might hunt and kill in the darkness of night or like… “weeping angel” some people. A orange/black gemin might steal all of the paperclips in a major metropolitan area.

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