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Storyline Breakdown

Season A

Beginning of show that establishes characters and setting.

Episode 1

Introduces that main characters and the hero, as well as the concept of nullification and games. The first game of the series is an ace combat clone where the users objective is to destroy a military base. The defenders must destroy the users command squad.


Episode 3

Element's main rival attempts to steal her thunder by doin what she does better. Believing she is the infallible gift of the user gets cocky enough to cause serious problems as she takes on more than she can handle.

Episode 4

City resources are spread thin faced with 3 simultaneous game cubes networked cross the city, as a fourth approches. In an unpresidented occurance elements small wounded team must enter another cube immediately overtop of the cities evacuated financial district. Element goes in alone. This game is a complex puzzle game where user must climb a tower made of movable boxes. Element plays reboots into a box the user simply bypasses. The user is defeated by falling into a the game sprite at the bottom of the level devouring the field. Element survives only through luck and is reguarded as a city hero after leaving the game.

Episode 6

The fork command that duplicates null values is being used by the male virus to overrun the citizens safe inisde. The system clock is beginning to run slower and slower, realizing his plan will fail tries to stop the command. He is unable to move to the command, and has accidentally created a supertask. Only a guardian can save him and the city.

Season B

Setting has been set, expand the world with other systems, characters, and third parties.

Season C

Develop the first net wide serious issue in the form of a sudden infection.


  • Female -
  • Element Array - Guardian Cadet
  • Render - Keytool
  • Male - Loose fake love interest
  • Male - Underdog who actually gets the girl in the end
  • Female - in a rivalry with element.
  • Male virus - works for another more powerful ransomware with direct contact to the user; steals system resources and gpu alu energy to mine bitcoin.
  • Female virus - former secretary of male virus splits off to form joint unit that encrypts binomes for an unknown agenda. Turns out to be a hacker from the net working for a chron virus.
  • Male virus 2 - owner and opeator of the nets largest botnet that funds the largest malware production mediums with direct contact with users. Is recruited to build the malware used to save the net from the chron virus.
  • Female virus 2 - A chron virus with an agent trojan operating as a sleeper cell in every known system activating on unix epoch 160000000. Takes control of every cpu unit, restarts each system corrupting the boot sector, and declares herself ruler of all. Operating from within the largest computing clusters in the world. She is destroyed by the guardians and the male virus 2. Ultimately her desire for power gets the better of her.

12s establishing shots

  • City flyover
  • principle office flyby

6s establishing shots

  • First appearance areas
  • Stock ABC chase over layers and mirrored variants
  • Tunnel shots
  • Sector pan

3s establishing shots

  • Return destinations

Musical Score

  • Consistent across establishish shots
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