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  • A girl with a mundane life as a mailer in a world of high fantasy hears of all of the adventures she does not get to partake.
  • Her father, a man who just wants the best for his daughter wishes her the safety of the life he has made for his family.
  • A town blacksmith's son hears of her wishes and agrees to help her leave the town in search of a new life full of adventure.
  • She steals rings from the shop and begins to slowly craft her armor for the jouney ahead.
  • Before leaving town she is gifted a sword handed to blacksmith from his father.
  • She runs away from home in search of a new life, as her father searches nearby towns for his daughter's whereabouts.
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  • In the next town she arrives to the tavern a little to young to drink.
  • She runs into shifty characters in the bar drunk.
  • After they get a bit too touchy with her she holds her own against them and attracts the attention of a group of adventures.
  • They tell her they are searching for a magical artifact, one that if found could bring imortality to the weilder.
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  • The witches are introduced as violent, attempting to attack Sese and Felix.
  • They aren't very accurate, and keep missing; so Sese and attack begin to take them on.
  • It is revealed the witches are trying to kill invisible specter demons who are keeping the portal open.
  • They help to close the portal by killing the specter demons.
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  • The witches teach Sese some magical tricks.
  • The most important, the creation of a familar.
  • Felix is supposed to become a familiar, but it is revealed that Felix is a polymorphed human.
  • Felix and Sese try to get the witches to undo the curse.
  • Only the pixie that performed the curse or a skilled wizard can break the spell.




  • She meets the group of adventures from the tavern here.
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  • The adventures are dispatched by the dragon rather quickly.
  • The dragon and Sese fight.
  • For vanquishing the dragon,







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  • The pixies turn her into a wolf.
  • As a wolf she and Felix utterly wreck the pixies, and they run away.


  • She hides drags her belongs around by her teeth, pulling them around.
  • Felix remarks that he lets go of material belonging long ago.


  • The fairies can talk to them and understand, thankfully.
  • They enjoy fairy hospitality, as they invite them to tiny dinners and music.
  • They reveal they know the location of Wizards.
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  • Wizard helps Sese remove the Pixies curse from her body, returning her to normal self.
  • The wizard also removes Felix's curse.
  • The wizard spots the magical items on her person, but one of them stands out.
  • “That's interesting.”, “Oh nothing at all”
  • The wizard suggests visiting the Elves, they have lived long, and know the secrets of most of the world's artifacts.


  • Sese finds the human Felix turns to be quite attractive.
  • She remembers all of the perverted things he has done to her over the course of their journey.
  • She finds spending time with the human Felix embarrassing.
  • She makes promises that she still will not leave him hanging, as long as he remains useful.
  • Felix admits he enjoyed not having to do human work, but he is glad to be his old self again.


  • Elves remark at that the human is civilized, seeing a man as a squire for once.
  • The elves remiss at doing things, and maintain a hard work ethic.
  • It is revealed to be worse than that, they are very dismissive of talking to outsiders.
  • They are told to go to the elven king, he will know how to fix the ancient amulet.
  • The big bad turns out to be the elven king, explaining that he needs to be immortal to hold the elven throne. He is dying.

End of the Story

  • The big bad thanks the Wizard for leading the girl here, and takes the amulet.
  • After a long fight, the big bad kills the girl.
  • There is a long pause as the death happens.
  • She is resurrected. The big bad is confused, he has the amulet, what the hell.
  • The Wizard reveals that the big bad has taken everything from him, to he double crossed the big bad; letting her keep the real stone of resurrection.
  • The stone of resurrection is revealed to be the pommel of her sword.


  • The Wizard agrees to take her and Felix home.
  • Felix wants to come with Sese and she agrees, admitting that having him around was at least interesting.
  • She returns home to her father who is mad at her for running away, immediately trying to keep her from doing anything remotely dangerous.
  • Members of the human and elven royal families arrive, to thank her for bringing peace to the land.
  • She is given a title, and asked to be a great hero; and is gifted armor fit for that kind of title.
  • Her father taken aback doesn't lets his daughter go.
  • She responds to the gift, saying she will take the title, but will only wear the armor of the greatest smiths in the land. Her father, and the man who helped her on her journey,
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