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Una, the ''World of the Wind''. Torn apart at the surface by an unimaginable torrent. One time, millions of years ago,  a small genetic change provided one lucky plant a desire. The Risa, like any plant, collects nutrients from its surroundings. Feeding from sunlight, became harsh when the first dusts came. To survive, these plants adapted the ability to seek and absorb Gemin, the crystalline form of a magical force that permeates Una's universe. The Gemin the Risa absorbs is imbued with the magic of life itself, which it consumes for substance. The power probided by the Gemin  caused the plant to grow wildly, taking over every bit of land it could. The Risa is responsible for all of the life that exists on Una today.
In the current time, 7000 meters above the planet's surface, are an uncountable number of islands. These enormous land masses are held in place by the Risa, which seek retain their desired altitude just above the flesh ripping winds below. All of this to supplement themselves with sunlight. The Risa provides plenty of oxygen for the mammals of this upper atmosphere. All existing plants are descendants of the Risa.
There is a variance in the size of the islands levitated by the Risa, many of them are not large enough to place houses on, let alone cities. While some islands are large enough to host cities of millions, and rarely entire nations. The people took advantage of the winds, the altitude differences, and favorable air density to glide from island to island for millennia. Only recently have the people learned to harness the power of Gemin for themselves.
With research into Gemin came Gemin Engines, converting Gemin containing the essences of temperature and of electrical charge. They have proved infinitely useful. This technology is now ubiquitous to this world, and allows millions to safely travel toward centers of trade, to see their families, to take from others, and to wage war. As the demand for Gemin has increased, so has its value.
There are limitations to the advantages that Gemin provides. Gathering too much Gemin could risk harming the Risa. This would cause massive islands to fall 7 kilometers from the sky. Gathering too little Gemin could put nations behind in every aspect of daily life, from access to clean water and food, to simple entertainment. However, there is still one place where access to Gemin is almost limitless; space. Our story begins with Xiron Zus [ʃi.ɹon _ züs], son of Gildren of the Argent Sky and his wife Nenne a maiden of the Shrine of Taalma, destined for great things, whether he excepts them or not.

Chapter 1 – Argent Sky

  • KWAR*, the shrill cry jolts Xiron awake from a deep, comfortable sleep. His bed was situated next to a window so that his highglider, Vixi, could have some fresh air of her own. Vixi was always loudest in the early morning, which was good for him today. Early was when he needed to be up. Xiron peered out of the window, bare bit of sunlight. Not enough to see across the causeway to the other homes, but enough to realize that he needed to head out soon.

Here you go, you know you want it.” Xiron teased the highglider with the sour smelling fruit he had meant to cut up for them both late last night. He had sat it on the table before crashing into bed exhausted. He pulled out his personal knife and begin peel the skin of the fruit with a satisfying juicy crisp. *Kwrrr*, the bird made no protest, and excepted the fruit immediately. Not long after, Xiron walked out of the room, holding the other half. Gratuitously he took a bite giving no care to the light red stain it left over his face and chin. Aww, you took the last one! an obnoxiously high pitched voice exclaimed as he passed by. Yep. To be fair I took it last night. he replied disposing of the bitter husk that remained. Well, I'm picking up some more for myself, and you willn't be getting any. Peph said while stomping to her room to grab the gemin she would use in trade. Come on sis, you don't have to be like that. He quickly replied. Xiron did like the Fiore after all, he was his favorite choice of comfort foods. Shouldn't you have left already.” Peph replied in an antagonizing tone. I don't have to be down their till sunrise. Not even a few hundred paces away. He said this suddenly realizing that he was still late for something. Actually, you are probably right, I should head out. Xiron said now briskly walking back and forth throughout the house to load a backpack. I thought so. his sister mocked to him. Xiron approached the door, Don't forget to lock it when you leave! as he closed hit behind him. I muffled I know. You don~~~ could be heard from inside the house.

Immediately outside were a long series of steps which Xiron quickly descended. It was a culturally normal for the area. The people were encouraged to build with the land that was given to them. Changing too much of their surroundings could disturb the balance between themselves and the Risa. It didn't take too long before his reached the bottom of the stairway. The walkways of Argentis his hometown, were very well maintained. Because of the mountainous terrain of their island, the walkways were always inclined. Xiron was used to this rough marble surface. His picked up his pace to a brisk jog. Passing house after house, some of them were modalized communities, six houses connected that shared resources and bath houses. He couldn't stand the thought of living that way, especially with his sister.
After a few minutes, Xiron approached one of these communities, ascended the stairs to meet with it, and entered their common room. This building was very clean, the floors were polished granite and marble stone, it was inlaid with brass lining that joined the plates on the floor and walls together. Sometimes there were smaller intricate pieces joined together forming patterns or symbols. This brass yellowing gave the building a gilded appearance, even though it was only a common house. Most of the common houses in the Argentis islands shared this architectural style, with columns, and flat open spaces. The islands were very rich in granite and marble, materials that were difficult to export because of their weight.
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