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The Nation of Promatia
Flag of Promatia
Seal of Promatia
Motto vi veri vniversum vivus vici “By force of truth I, while living, have conquered the universe.”
Capital Lumina
Official Languages Australian English
Official Religion Secular
Demonym Promatian
Establishment 1999 Nov 22 Mon
Independence 1999 Nov 26 Fri
Reformed 2011 Sep 21 Wed
2016 July 24 Sun
2019 Aug 31 Sat
Model Unitary
Direct Democracy
Legislative Assembly EGI
Executive Genesis Council
Judicial Justice EGI
Currency Proma (Ⱀ)
Registered Citizens 234 (±5)
Non-Citizen Residents 300 (±50)
Land Area 55,000 sq km
Time Zone UTC +930
Date Format yyyy-mm-dd
Phone Country Code +67
ISO Code PO PRO 626
TLD .po .pro
Driving Direction Left

The Nation of Promatia

Promatia /pɹomɑʃiʌ/ or /pɹomaʃiʌ/ is an unrecognized nation originally established in November of 1999; bordering the Northern Territory of Australia. The independence of Promatia has not been formally acknowledged by any member state of the United Nations.


Most recently, Promatia is a reformed state, created through a formal treaty of unification between the nations of Arkovia and Regelis. The Treaty of Unification for Promatia contains the signatory parties of two similar oligarchical government councils; the Former Genesis Council of Nation of Arkovia, and the Former House of Councils of the Merit State of Regelis. After a unification between the two once independent nations; their combined resources worked to build the newly created state of Promatia. Both governments were similar democratically elected, oligarchical, meritocratic, and technocratically organized.

Arkovia was originally established 2016 July 24 Sun as a dictorial state. 2017 December 1 Fri, Arkovia underwent a governmental reformation, becoming a more reasonable direct democracy with an oligarchical council structure. This reformed government allowed previous leaders to remain in their positions. The nation planted its first flag in the outback of the Australian continent within its territory on 2018 July 6 Fri.

After a slow first two years of operation, Arkovia began to steadily gain strength and controversial recognition, due to its propensity to absorb or conglomerate smaller nations. It gained a strong online community, and social media presence; both on facebook, and the discord voice chat platform. It grew to having a population of nearly 170 before uniting with Regelis. Upon its union, per the Treaty of Unification, the united Promatia maintained the government infrastructure which Arkovia had created.

Regelis was originally founded by a group of students from within the Florida state's gifted student program under the name Kaos. An assignment was given to students to create and maintain a model nation, and to take part in diplomatic relations with other classmates. This assignment began a desire in the original founders of Kaos to create an actual nation. After their school assignment had ended, that group of individuals worked to maintain the Kaosian government structure. Originally formed as a military dictatorship, through operation, members of the Kaosian government began to understand a need for government reform. They maintained topical interest in the project for some period. However, the original members of the Kaosian government departed over time and distance.

With the advent of the open internet; services like Facebook, Internet Relay Chat, and Skype underwent widespread use. The former Kaosian government was able to restructure with like minded people online and in person. In 2008 after a move across the United States, an original founding member of the group reformed the nation into the oligarchical Regelian government. Doing this gathered interest of friends and online contributors who began to build a small, but dedicated, community for the growing nation. After a flurry of activity from pocket online groups the new caretakers of the Regelis nation concept opened up officially for public citizenship 2011 Sep 21 Wed.


Enhanced Government Institutions

Enhanced Government Institutions (EGIs) are the equivalent to public departments, called ministries by some countries. The leaders of EGI's are elected through an Assembly EGI, or are directly appointed by the Genesis Council. Leaders are selected based on qualification, experience, skill, and execution of vision. This form a Meritocratic and Technocratic government, where the most qualified are selected for leadership. Leaders of EGIs are Prime Executive Ministers, or PEMs.

Assembly EGI

The Assembly EGI is Promatia's direct democracy system. Citizens directly influence national policy by creating initiatives, and proposing legislation. Initiatives are used to create, modify, cancel, fund, elect, or remove; legislative actions, government projects, EGIs, and national leadership. Citizens can draft legislation, place projects, and elect leaders to fill the operation of those projects.

Genesis Council

The Genesis Council is another power structure within the Promatian governmental system. The Genesis Council has similar control over policy to the Assembly EGI, but is restricted to an oligarchical council. The Genesis Council is composed of a number of Gens, determined by constitutional delegation, who have various responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Genesis Council include maintaining the safety of the nations citizenship, acting in the entire nations interest, co-operating with other members of the Genesis Council to establish legislative action, make decisions for national benefit, and declaring war.


Promatia's currency is the Proma, represented by the currency symbol (Ⱀ). Due to a general lack of trust in the Proma, citizens currently fund the government through donations of the Australian dollar, which is then used by the Promatian government to execute various projects.

The Proma is digital currency that is functional, tradable, and secured by strong encryption. It remains entirely cashless as transactions are processed online through Promatia's national bank. Otherwise, transactions are processed using cards at point-of-sale terminals put into place specifically for that purpose.



Citizens tend to keep to themselves in public spaces, avoiding conflict or triggering actions like violence, disruptive speech, or offensive imagery. At the same time venues are open for people to display freedom of speech and expression, with almost no threat of censorship.

Citizens are encouraged by the government to take competitive rates of pay, and to work on their own self fulfilling projects. Because of welfare support Promatia provides, businesses incentivize the general public to enter the workforce through quality of life programs and monetary benefits. As a result of this government maintained economic program, the value of work has become vital to businesses who must compete to acquire skilled labor.


The view of religious practice in Promatia is fairly neutral. In the state and Genesis Council the occurrence of organized religion in conversation is fairly sparse. Practitioners and members of religious organizations are taxed for their practice as is any other citizen or company account. Promatia has no official religion. References to religious iconography during state operations opens a general distrust in rational decision making ability.


Relationships in Promatia are viewed as personal matters, and marriage as a religious ceremony. Marriage is viewed is a promise of from one person to another to maintain monogamy within a relationship. Divorce is legally easy to perform as the separation is instantaneous if only one party agrees and there is not suitable license. Possession of belongings in a relationship are always treated the same regardless of the apparent quality or longevity of a relationship.

Because Promatian marriage as a religious event, people are open to practice their religious views without fear of ostracization. Homosexual marriage is legal in Promatia without restriction. Polygamous and polyamorous relationships are also legal.


Promatia aims to establish aeroponic form, and export food to nations around the Australian continent. Its government intends to construct a coal power station by 2022, to supply electrical energy to towns within Promatia.

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