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Acuity Type Powers
Rating Name Effect
10 Heightened Senses A greater than human ability to perceive through use of the senses.
11 Echolocation The ability to see through use of sound.
11 Eidetic Kinesthesia The ability to recall or replicate movements with only a few instances of exposure.
12 Enhanced Vision The ability to see inferred, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma radiation.
12 Radar Sense The ability to sense incoming objects, radio waves, and wifi.
13 Extra-Sensory Perception The ability to detect as a sense nearby invisible or normally inperceivable presences.
14 Empathy The ability to see or manipulate one's emotions through interaction.
14 Retrocognition The ability to view past events.
15 Psychometry The ability to view the history of an object.
15 Invisibility The ability to become invisible.
16 Precognition The preemptive knowledge of events through foresight or divination.
17 Psychohistory A high enough awareness of nearby variables to predict, in a limited capacity, future events.
18 Astral Projection The ability to communicate across universes to another person or being.
20 Cosmic Awareness The ability to locate a person, being, object, or place anywhere in the universe.
22 Omniscience The knowledge of all knowable concepts, all events, and all outcomes of those events.
Brawn Type Powers
Rating Name Effect
10 Super Strength A greater than human strength, lift, and exhaustive manual force.
11 Augmentation A physical change of the body through use of a machine that provides a physical advantage.
12 Xenobiology A greater than human strength provided by a non-human source.
13 Mass Manipulation The ability to change the relative mass of an object.
14 Mass Accruing The ability to retain or manipulate one's own mass.
15 Size Manipulation The ability to stretch, grown, shink, or manipulate the body.
16 Symbiotic Enhancement Enhancement of peek performance through use of an external biological source.
17 Transformation The ability to become a greater heroic form, granting greater strength, and overall fortitude.
20 Divine Empowerment A gift granted by a cosmic power providing a great source of energy and motivation.
Execution Type Powers
Rating Name Effect
11 Zoopathy The ability to summon and communicate with animals.
12 Incorporeality Phasing. The ability to become incorporeal, moving through solid objects.
12 Form Manipulation Shapeshifting. The ability to change one's form from a normal state to new states.
12 Pheromone Control The ability to emit pheromones that attract or manipulate.
13 Beam Projection The ability to emit a laser or particle beam with the ability to burn or damage.
13 Bioelectricity The ability to generate an discharge electrical energy stored within the body or an object.
13 Fatal Touch The ability to, through touch, remove the lifeforce of a being.
13 Form Duplication The ability to duplicate a form so that they may act independently.
13 Trichokinesis The ability to manipulate grow or shrink the hair of the body in a prehensile manor to act independently of the user.
13 Toxicity The ability to emit or radiate a toxic vapor or substance, from the skin or in an aura.
14 Extra-dimensional Storage The ability to move an object to another dimension for the purposes of storage for later retrieval.
14 Form Mimicry The ability to duplicate the form of another being, or object.
14 Intangibility The ability to, at will, not be effected from outside physical forces.
14 Healing The ability to restore the wounds of others to a normal condition.
14 Power Negation The ability to radiate a power negating field.
15 Energy Construction The ability to create, through use of light, or through a device usable objects that may be dissolved at will.
15 Digitation The ability to convert an object or concept to a digital medium.
15 Power Mimicry The ability to duplicate or use the power of another power user.
16 Form Restoration The ability to restore a power users form to its original state.
16 Life Drain The ability to drain the lifeforce a being, redirecting it to another source.
16 Necromancy The ability to bring the dead back to life.
17 Molecular Reconstruction The ability to construct object through use of a manipulative force.
17 Power Manipulation The ability to grant powers to others for limited time, or over a limited range.
18 Molecular Deconstruction The ability to destroy objects through use of a manipulative force.
19 Power Absorption The ability to permanently remove a power from a user.
22 Omnipotence The ability to do anything at any time to any one without restriction.
Intelligence Type Powers
Rating Name Effect
10 Super Intelligence A greater than average gift of intelligence, granting the ability to learn complex concepts more quickly.
11 Eidetic Memory The ability to vividly recall with only a few instances of exposure.
11 Antipathy The ability to misdirect or misinform through the mind.
12 Telekinesis The ability to lift or move object with the mind.
13 Acoustikinesis The ability to manipulate or generate sound with the mind.
13 Aerokinesis The ability to manipulate, move, create, or form air with the mind.
13 Chlorokinesis The ability to manipulate, grow, duplicate, an talk to plants with the mind.
13 Cryokinesis The ability to remove temperature, or condense ice with the mind.
13 Electrokinesis The ability to generate or manipulate electrical energy stored within an object with the mind.
13 Geokinesis The ability to move, relocate, manipulate, form, or grow minerals with the mind.
13 Hydrokinesis The ability to create, manipulate, or solidify water with the mind.
13 Magnetikinesis The ability to manipulate, bend, form, or extract metals with the mind.
13 Pyrokinesis The ability to warm, light fires or conjure fire with the mind.
14 Illusions The ability to create illusions with the mind.
14 Telepathy The ability to communicate to another through use of the mind.
14 Truth Extraction The ability to convenience or coerce an individual to reveal truth, or to reveal information.
15 Atmokinesis The ability to manipulate weather with the mind.
15 Hemokinesis The ability to manipulate blood.
15 Photokinesis The ability to generate, emit, manipulate, or remove light with use of the mind.
15 Thread Manipulation The ability to manipulate, generate, expanse, reach with or form clothing, thread, and textiles.
15 Psychic Seduction The ability to impose thoughts on the mind of another, to suggest one to perform an action they normally would not.
16 Brainwashing The ability remove data from the mind for implantation of new ideas, concepts, suggestions, or actions.
16 Possession The ability to take control of a being through use of entry of the body and mind.
16 Technokinesis The ability to create technology or computerized devices with the mind.
16 Technopathy The ability to control, manipulate, or communicate with technology or computerized device with the mind.
16 Umbrakinesis The ability to manipulate, transform, solidify or reconstitute shadows or darkness with the mind.
17 Gravitikinesis The ability to manipulate, remove, or relocate gravity with the mind.
17 Psychic Control The ability to force a being to perform any action of your choosing, regardless of their willingness.
18 Chronokinesis The ability to travel through or manipulate time in the forward or reverse direction, to manipulate outcomes or events.
21 Reality Manipulation The ability to manipulate any aspect of the environment. To change outcomes, aspects, and variables at will to one's own desires.
Luck Type Powers
Power Name Effect
10 Improved Luck Luck is now on this user side, things seem to go better for them.
14 Cheating Death Gives a chance to avoid death.
15 Probability Manipulation The ability to change the outcome of an event to the user's favor.
17 Chaotic Magic A limited magical ability to manifest into reality cognitive objects or concepts.
18 Black Force An eldritch source of power, both bizarre and dangerous.
Resilience Type Powers
Rating Name Effect
10 Resilience An uncanny ability to resist damage from outside sources. Damage that would normally be fatal to a human, is now regular damage.
11 Health Conversion The ability to restore one's stamina using lifeforce.
11 Stamina Conversion The ability to restore one's health using energy.
12 Decelerated Aging The user's aging is slowed significantly.
13 Force Field The ability to create a field that can resist attack or absorb impacts.
13 Synthetic Material The ability spawn or create synthetic material from the body to absorb impacts or to create natural weapons.
14 Healing Factor The ability to regenerate or repair the body over time.
15 Negligible Senescence The user does not age, and cannot die of natural causes.
17 Imperiousness The inability to take damage from any normal source.
20 Immortality The inability to parish regardless of the circumstances.
21 Immutability The inability to be effected by the effects of reality manipulation. A state by which one is grounded and cannot be changed.
Tempo Type Powers
Rating Name Effect
10 Super Speed A greater than human speed of movement.
11 Double Jump The ability to jump while in midair.
11 Long Jump The ability to jump extreme distances.
12 Flight The ability to fly or move through the air by use of a force, mechanical, or biological element.
13 Teleportation The ability to translate one's position though space.
14 Super Stamina The ability to regenerate stamina at a much faster than normal rate.
15 Molecular Acceleration The ability to manipulate the velocity of an object through interaction.
16 Dimensional Travel The ability to travel between dimensions through the use of doorways, portals, or tunnels.
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