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Table of Very Large Numbers and Their Names

What number comes after …

Traditional Large Numbers
Name Value Notes
Million 106
Billion 109
Trillion 1012
Quadrillion 1015
Quintillion 1018
Sextillion 1021
Septillion 1024
Octillion 1027
Nonillion 1030
Decillion 1033
Undecillion 1036
Doedecillion 1039
Tredecillion 1042
Quattuordecillion 1045
Quindecillion 1048
Sexdecillion 1051
Septendecillion 1054
Octodecillion 1057
Novemdecillion 1060
Vigintillion 1053

Expanded Large Numbers
Name Value Notes
Trigintillion 1093
Googol 10100
Quadragintillion 10123
Quinquagintillion 10153
Sexagintillion 10183
Septuagintillion 10213
Octogintillion 10243
Nonagintillion 10273
Centillion 10303
Cenuntillion 10306
Duocentillion 10309
Centretillion 10312
Ducentillion 10603
Trecentillion 10903
Quadringentillion 101203
Quingentillion 101503
Sexcentillion 101803
Septingentillion 102103
Octingentillion 102403
Nongentillion 102703
Millillion 103003
Platillion 106000 Source Unknown
Myrillion 1030003
Micrillion 1030000003
Nanillion 103E9+3
Picillion 103E12+3
Femtillion 103E15+3
Attillion 103E18+3
Zeptillion 103E21+3
Yoctillion 103E24+3
Xonillion 103E27+3
Vecillion 103E30+3
Mecillion 103E33+3
Duecillion 103E36+3
Trecillion 103E39+3
Tetrecillion 103E42+3
Pentecillion 103E45+3
Hexecillion 103E48+3
Heptecillion 103E51+3
Octecillion 103E54+3
Ennecillion 103E57+3
Icosillion 103E60+3
Titanic Numbers
Name Value Notes
Triacontillion 103E90+3
Googolplex 1010E100
Tetracontillion 103E120+3
Pentacontillion 103E150+3
Hexacontillion 103E180+3
Heptacontillion 103E210+3
Octacontillion 103E240+3
Ennacontillion 103E270+3
Hectillion 103E300+3
Killillion 103E3000+3
Megillion 103E3000000+3
Gigillion 103E109+3
Terillion 103E1012+3
Petillion 103E1015+3
Exillion 103E1018+3
Zettillion 103E1021+3
Yottillion 103E1024+3
Xennillion 103E1027+3
Dakillion 103E1030+3 Vekillion
Hendillion 103E1033+3 Mekillion
Dokillion 103E1036+3 Duekillion
Tradakillion 103E1039+3 Trekillion
Tedakillion 103E1042+3 Tetrekillion
Pedakillion 103E1045+3 Pentekillion
Exdakillion 103E1048+3 Hexekillion
Zedakillion 103E1051+3 Heptekillion
Yodakillion 103E1054+3 Octekillion
Nedakillion 103E1057+3 Ennekillion
Ikillion 103E1060+3 Twentillion
Ikenillion 103E1063+3
Icodillion 103E1066+3
Ictrillion 103E1069+3 Triatwentillion
Icterillion 103E1072+3
Icpetillion 103E1075+3
Ikectillion 103E1078+3
Iczetillion 103E1081+3
Ikyotillion 103E1084+3
Icxenillion 103E1087+3

Expanded Titanic Numbers
Name Value Notes
Trakillion 103E1090+3 Thirtillion
Googolduplex 1010E10100
Tekillion 103E10120+3 Fortillion
Pekillion 103E10150+3 Fiftillion
Exakillion 103E10180+3 Sixtillion
Zakillion 103E10210+3 Seventillion
Yokillion 103E10240+3 Eightillion
Nekillion 103E10270+3 Nintillion
Hotillion 103E10300+3 Hundrillion
Botillion 103E10600+3
Trotillion 103E10900+3
Totillion 103E101200+3
Potillion 103E101500+3
Exotillion 103E101800+3
Zotillion 103E102100+3
Yootillion 103E102400+3
Notillion 103E102700+3
Kalillion 103E103000+3 Thousillion
Dalillion 103E106000+3
Tralillion 103E109000+3
Talillion 103E1012000+3
Palillion 103E1015000+3
Exalillion 103E1018000+3
Zalillion 103E1021000+3
Yalillion 103E1024000+3
Nalillion 103E1027000+3
Dakalillion 103E1030000+3 Manillion
Hotalillion 103E10300000+3 Lakhillion
Mejillion 103E103E6+3
Dakejillion 103E103E7+3 Crorillion
Colossal Numbers
Name Value Notes
Hotejillion 103E103E8+3 Awkillion
Gijillion 103E103E9+3
Bentrizillion 106E106E9 Source Unknown
Astillion 103E103E12+3
Lunillion 103E103E15+3
Fermillion 103E103E18+3
Jovillion 103E103E21+3
Solillion 103E103E24+3
Betillion 103E103E27+3
Glocillion 103E103E30+3
Gaxillion 103E103E33+3
Supillion 103E103E36+3
Versillion 103E103E39+3
Multillion 103E103E42+3
Googoltriplex 101E101E100

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