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 +====== Criminal Justice ======
 +[[yurisuto:​planets:​Gara]],​ the primary planet of the [[yurisuto:​planes:​Yurisuto]] setting has a world mediator. They are not the defacto legislative body, but they do enforce law. This organization is called the [[yurisuto:​organizations:​UTC]]. They are comprised, with the exception of a few dignitaries,​ artificially intelligent constructs in [[yurisuto:​races:​android|robotic shells]]. The UTC is lead by an omniscient general intelligence,​ named [[yurisuto:​characters:​Ai Eura]]. She has access to every vector of surveillance she needs to compile cases in favor of or against any person. There is a court system, a trial, and an a public jury which amounts to any person willing to participate in the judiciary process.
 +A person illegally crossing a border would be apprehended by the government of that country. Then face trial in UTC to argue their case. Ai Eura will likely have access to the movements this person took, the planing that went through to execute the border hop, the events that took place to motivate the person to do this, including sources of social and societal pressure to improve one's standard of living. All of this information is presented through the court hearing; the commission of the crime, the planing that took place to perform the crime, the influences the person had received that may have motivated the action, and information about the accused in relation to the reason the action was performed and what he was attempting to accomplish.
 +Even though the [[yurisuto:​planes:​Codegate]] has access to the memories and thoughts of an individual. Due to the [[yurisuto:​concepts:​Personal Privacy Policy]] of the Codegate, none of this information may be used for any reason, even in access, other than transmission to the owner. Additionally,​ upon execution of a death request, this data is removed from the Codegate Network. In short, your own thoughts cannot be used against you. However, Ai Eura basically has access to a persons psychohistory.
 +In Yurisuto death is kind of subjective. Anyone murdering you would have to cope the the fact that a backup of your consciousness is stored in a digital universe, can be recalled at any time, and then uploaded to a shell android, or a synthetic biological surrogate body. Only Ai Eura can remove all of these failsafes and only she  needs to agree. She controls the Codegate, where the backups are held. She is also the political leader of her domain. Therefore, either a collective joint multifactional judical community, or just Ai Eura would be needed to remove a being from existence.
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