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 +====== Kuetsmai ====== 
 +The Kuetsmai, a complex psychological exam, is given to 9 year old [[yurisuto:​races:​Ancient]] male children. Often, Ancient males admit to committing feats of murder, arson, and worse. This performed upon younger siblings, even against their own mothers. The Kuetsmai is given at this age, before Ancient puberty, when [[yurisuto:​techniques|techniqual]] ability starts to develop. For the Males, a genetic advantage makes them thousands of times more sensitive to [[yurisuto:​concepts:​Tyliho]]'​s energies. Making brave proclamations of immortality and going mad with their god-like techniqual ability is the fear of every Ancient. The [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Ancient Guardian Collective]] contains the only males to ever pass the exam.
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