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 +====== Trees of Song ======
 +In [[yurisuto:​planes:​Yurisuto]],​ each planet with organic life has a Tree of Song. This tree manifests from the will of the life on its planet. No planet is without a Tree of Song, and if for some reason this planet dies; a new one will grow, albiet slowly, to replace it.
 +The following are Trees of Song in the Yurisuto universe.
 +  * [[yurisuto:​characters:​Serenade]] Teramet First
 +  * [[yurisuto:​characters:​Sanata]] Teramet Second
 +  * [[yurisuto:​characters:​Nocturne]] Gara
 +  * [[yurisuto:​characters:​Whisper]] Vorpian
 +  * [[yurisuto:​characters:​Philos]] Hivemind
 +  * [[yurisuto:​characters:​Theodore]] Shardian
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