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Techniques are based in the realm of science; they use a force known as the Engine of Creation in order to act out physical work which can be quantified in Joules. The Creation Engine is a pico-particle web of plank spin-networks, as one would describe in quantum reality. It is composed of many googolquinplex of vibrating strings. The Ancient call this field of energy Tyliho; The Orchestra of the Universe. The multiverse is infinite, so within it lies infinite power. The Ancient species over the course of their 40 million year existence have learned to manipulate these “strings” on a basic level. With exciting new technologies available to them; spacial compression, energy deliverance, acceleration and optimization of molecular biology, and time manipulation, that have become far more advanced than their new foreign arrivals. Unfortunately, old rivalries create the need for weapons of war. Techniques were then optimized for use by everyday soldiers. Though limited, its applications are substantial.

Groups of strings are manipulated through space-time, causing the strings to vibrate. Though is in not entirely known what force causes this manipulation to succeed and the process cannot be physically witnessed, it works in theory and in practice. Ongoing research in the field of the Engine of Creation is diligent. Changing the frequency of the strings spawn new properties within them; some frequencies create heat, and others electrical conductivity of spacial vacuum. Strings also have many shapes and sizes, this is another complicated variable that causes techniques to become often difficult to control. Also, the more strings that need to be manipulated more time it takes for the manipulation to occur, the technique becomes very unstable as a side-effect. This complicates technique casting even further, and sometimes more than one device or techniquist is needed to perform it successfully. All things get easier with experience, there is no exception with the powers granted to you by the Creation Engine. Practicing technique casting will make it both easier to control and make the casting process run more quickly. Technique casting is a learned skill.

Tyliho is a foreign word, loosely translated, it has the same meaning as interference or radiation. In actuality, humans in Yurisuto have given a name to this same force. It is complicated and uncontrollable in our universe, but in the universe of the Ancients and Destine, the strings that make up space and time are just sitting there; waiting for just the right notes to be played. Tyliho is “The Orchestra of the Universe”, a universal law of vibrations, and expressed in a sound of unrivaled, harmonic complexity.

When the outside is cold, they use Tyliho to heat their homes comfortably. If a room is too dim, Tyliho is used to remedy this problem in a grand burst of light. Upon violation of the law, Tyliho will be implemented to neutralize and subdue. Those whom oppose the ideologies of the people in power, will be met with the full force of Tyliho's tyranny. This force is the daily life of every living creature on Teramet. It is the subject of news and recent discoveries, new technologies and old traditions. Without Tyliho this world would be undoubtedly different, probably in a worse way. It is the cure for daily life; without it, they would be plagued by the parasite that is war.

As described there are no dispels, few counters, and only some negations or reversals. What don't count are, for example, a fire spell being put out by water conjuration. This isn't one spell cancelling another, it is just plain physics. So, are there dispells? In order to dispell something, it has to be enchanted or a person needs to be augmented by magical energy. Ripping away this energy, or relocating it can be done, however the energy is not dispersed. The person taking the energy would have convert it into something.

Are there negations? Again not really. A spell in the process of being cast can be interrupted by breaking the concentration of the caster, or manually impending their ability to cast a spell. However, a person casting a firebolt for example, would still release that firebolt somewhere. If it is half finished forming, it will release as a malformed spell. If they continue past their means to perform or lack experience, what they cast will express that quality.

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