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 +====== Tylimenjara ======
 +Tylimenjara is a well known system wide martial art created, practiced, and performed by the [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Omnicrest]]. This martial art combines precise physical movement with casting of elemental [[yurisuto:​techniques]]. Techniques that the [[yurisuto:​professions:​Tylimen]] are limited to are that of the [[yurisuto:​Techniques#​Elemental]] variety. Specifically,​ limited within that branch of techniques to: [[yurisuto:​techniques:​Fire]],​ [[yurisuto:​techniques:​Water]],​ [[yurisuto:​techniques:​Earth]],​ [[yurisuto:​techniques:​Wind]],​ [[yurisuto:​techniques:​Energy]],​ and [[yurisuto:​techniques:​Metal]].
 +===== Advancement =====
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