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The Grid refers to an instantaneous technology aided transfer device. This device scans a person (or object), and digitally transfers them to a large central complex known as the Codegate. This Codegate is a digital universe, inside of a real world building; located in the middle of downtown Demoral, the UTC Government capital.

The Grid itself has many international shops, transportation options, and a wealth of general public opportunity. There are stands in all Grid exits, that have the ability to transport you instantaneously to any part of any Grid connected faction, or world. The Codegate is infinite in size in all directions. Areas in the Codegate outside of Control Centers are populated by nasty computer viruses. The Codegate is currently under extensive expansion, as it provides an entire universe of digital space. Everything in the Grid is essentially immortal, so long as the Codegate is not physically destroyed. Plans are underway to replace the Codegate Pyramid with a much smaller Xelhinium structure, protected by a Singularity Key, a shield of infinite power. Xenith Takiane is the designer of the Codegate's programming architecture. Ai Eura is designer of the computing hardware.

It is not this way as a limitation but as a form of expression. Because the Codegate was designed by Ai Eura, she wanted seemless access. Preparing the surrogate body does take some time, thirty seconds tops, but this amount of time could be lost each time a transport is made. You would view it as blinking 30 seconds forward in time, so it has negligible effect. The idea here is that the consciousness is always active. If the body needs sleep, a person could still function without the need lose activity while within the Codegate. Reuploading changes after 8 hours and being none the wiser about what the Codegate has done.

Also consider this, sure you could have a user interface with a dropdown menu where you teleport to the nearest Codegate terminal to a given address. For emergency services, or the UTC Government enforcers, this might be how the higher end criminal justice get around. A person could have access to some thing like this too.

However, the Codegate allows a sort of “airport” full of destinations, and often this place is packed with hundreds of thousands of individuals trying to get from one place or another. Like any commercial center you can buy and trade. But remember that the terminal is only a transport location. By leaving the terminal building within the Codegate, you walk into the whole of the digital universe. As the Codegate terminal building is sitting on a foundation of digital stone, with the digital wind blowing digital sand into your digital eyes. Where the digital birds sing digital songs and a digital sun sets in digital twilight.

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