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Specific Information

Meta play the important role as Yurisuto's primary antagonist. There are two kinds of Meta; The Shardian Meta, and The Demiach Meta. Shardian are evil characters by default and are thus hated.


These creatures are unlike anything your character has ever encountered before. They are beings comprised of nightmares, and although their onset appearance is not exactly terrifying, they are cold and emotionless. In their most compact form, the Meta are a mere 4 feet in height. Though, this form does not suit their purposes. Meta are comprised of eleven orbs of solid Cadinex Diamond, an extraordinarily hard material with special properties of electrical conductivity. These orbs are the processing, pain, and memory centers of their body. While Meta do formally have a “head” orb, if it is damaged, it can still be sacrificed and the role of another orb in their “body” can be repurposed. Also, the orb sof a fallen Meta can be claimed for reuse. In order to “kill” a Meta, at least 4 of these orbs must be damaged beyond its ability to support a safe level of conductivity. The limbs of a Meta are created from arcs of electrical energy which support and power false crystalline digits fabricated for manipulating smaller objects. If this is not terrifying enough, a Meta can change its size and shape by changing the power and direction of these electrical arcs. Even weaker Meta can output enough electricity to force the spheres outward almost 9 feet. A “naked” meta is made up of only these spheres and emanates a crudely humanoid, static aura. They do not appear in this fashion often as normally decorate the head and body with detailed metal armor.


Shardian government is not associated to, nor is navigable to Mizrahi. They fortunately live on the far side of the Louta Galaxy, where Yurisuto's storyline takes place. This gives the Meta a significant time disadvantage. The Shardian government can only assault civilizations of such a distance every 500 years. The 250 year trip there for Meta invaders is nothing for them. However, it takes survivors, if there are any, 250 years to return to Shardis for a report. During this time between assaults, their government must account for 500 years of technological advancement their opponent will have acquired before their next assault. In 500 years, Gara went from barren wasteland to flourishing, Androids created the Codegate, Delphi formed a coalition to stop such invasions of inhabited worlds, and Tyliho become a well understood technology for military use. Not to mention simple advancements in medical research, weapons development, and personal protection. Sociopolitical events like religion and world ideologies can change drastically in 500 years. When they returned to Mizrahi for “The 2nd Meta Invasion” they were annihilated after only 12 weeks and only a few hundred of the many millions of invaders survived. That was four centuries years ago, and the hope that their judgment was miscalculated again is strong.

There are about 300 trillion Meta in existence, and of them 240 trillion are directly aligned with the Shardis. Far flung Demiach Faction civilizations exist out in the galaxy. Most of the Shardian military power is directed to taking out these worlds. Without the limitation of needing food or even air, the Demiach can survive in environments that are harsher than imaginable. For the longest time a small Demiach faction lived on Pera, the closest planet to Mizrahi, with an average surface temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius. While they found the difficulties living there inconsequential, they were quickly discovered by Meta invaders during “The 1st Meta Invasion”. The Demiach in combination with Ancient and Destine techniquists repelled the Shardian invaders. The actual location of the Demiach now, is presumed to be inside of “The Paradigm Sigil”. The plural form of Meta is Meta; also, the plural from of Shardian is Shardians or The Shardian. There is only one Shardis.


On the Shardian homeworld, the Temple of Shardis exists as an aura of hope. The normally militant world of the Meta becomes much different, with Meta partaking in recreational events with loved ones and families. This entire time, they lead a life of worship to the Shardis, a god-like crystalline entity, whom the Meta exclusively owe their lives. The Cadinex, that is now an aspiring tower penitrating Gara's atmophere overlooking the skyline of the city of Commune, the TIC capital, is one of Shardis' many offspring. Their goal, is to liquidate all biological life, to create a new superior and permanent life in the form of Meta. The process involves the extraction of carbon from organic life, to construct a massive reservoir of Cadinex Diamond. Meta spheres are created from this Cadinex reservoir, akin to a Philosopher’s Stone, sacrificing human soles in exchange for eternal youth.

Some of the Meta do view of the Shardis' actions as unmotivated, and evil. However, with such a loyal military as his, the belief that his will is law goes unchallenged in the minds of the Meta public. In reality, the Meta are imprisoned into a perfect life of immortality; where the promise of its continuity, is contractually obligated to incessant slaughter of innocent civilizations. Many of these civilizations have yet to even arise from the age of antiquity; not given the chance to develop their own technology and culture. This constant feeling of remorse is and has been heaving the hearts of many Meta. The oldest of them are now part of the Demiach resistance. Demiach have the same desire for self preservation that the Shardis does. Intolerant of their ideology, surviving from other carbon sources, drove them to their current state of independence.

Belief System

The most important aspect of a Meta's lifestyle is their rigorous religious beliefs. The Meta are not located on a normal planet with the expected topography, they live in a complex arrangement of livable platforms each with a geometric shape. This “planet” composed of platforms orbits Shardis, the crystalline god. Shardis is a larger-than-large, 18 faceted gemstone made of solid Cadinex Diamond. Deep inside of Shardis, is a nanoscaled lattice of groves which can direct electrical energy throughout itself. This lattice can be restructured with an effective implementation of the Van der Waals Force, giving the Crystalline God cogitative ability. Shardis cannot see in the sense most beings have. It uses reverberations in its surrounding magnetic field to create a colossal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device. The range of this multi-sensory ability is vast, covering almost 400 million miles in all directions. Shardis absorbs and releases unfathomable amounts of energy, enough to warp space and even time around it, leaving it massless. The constant addition of new carbon sources through nuclear fission and fussion, chemical separation of carbon containing compounds, and of course the destruction of carbon based life. This carbon is added to the Shardis, the Meta's living structure, and to create new Meta spheres. These methods of carbon acquisition and the lives of the Meta themselves are all products of Shardis' intellect. In the minds of the Shardian, they owe the Shardis more than their lives; they owe him the lives of countless other innocent creatures for its hungerless desire for self preservation.


Shardians have a language that is multi-tonal. Although the Meta species does not have the biological apparatus for speech, such as a pair of vocal cords, they can instead vibrate their spheres and the air around them at an audible frequency. The most notable of the features that complete Meta communication is the raw volume they can output. They can “speak” in tones at a volume upward of 130 decibels, just past the human threshold for resisting pain. Ancient derivative races, whose hearing is more sensitive, can find the sound of Meta speaking almost torturous. The Shardian hear by picking up interference in the vibrations of their spheres, and canceling their own vibrations. For this reason it is very difficult for a Meta to speak and hear at the same time. While they normally partake in speech that is loud in order to make sound vibrations far reaching and clear; Meta may also speak by direct sphere to sphere contact. This “speech” is a form of data transfer, and is how most Meta messages are relayed. Entire paragraphs of basic sounds can be sent in a compressed form and repeated several times before the data becomes lossy.

The Meta have no formal name for the language, as they believe having something to call what they use to communicate is pointless. Meta being very analytical creatures tend to not put deep meaning into their thought. The storage space for their “memory” is finite, and they must make conscious decisions in what information they choose to keep. A Meta's memory is finite because it is writable, however in order to regenerate losses in Cadinex particles they must wait a large but unknown quantity of time. So once all the write space in the “primary” sphere is occupied they risk; not being able to learn new information, losing previous memory by replacing a sphere, or compressing old memories into an format that allows only limited retrieval. Thankfully, this does also mean Meta to simply change spheres, their memories, and personal experiences at will. On a minor note, Meta are capable of mimicking the English language. The sound it makes is scratchy and low pitched. It would be easier for them to transfer communication by touch. If your character could trust them to do this, it would feel like they are getting tazed; because they would be.

Racial Traits

Meta have racial traits that give them a significant battle advantage over others. Meta cannot jump up like other races can, but they can get behind barricades and doors, or hack devices for their immediate advantage. While able to cast Tyliho; their use of it is very limited.

Meta Insurgent


How do the Shardian go about removing carbon from planets? Has the race considered collecting carbon from more massive carbon stars?

The race has yet to begin the process of starlifting, they are only a K2ish civilization. Therefore, carbon stars if existent in the Yurisuto universe would be under consideration by not feasible. Additionally, killing the life removes competition. The taking of carbon from living creatures is more of a ritualistic action. The carbon is separated electrochemically with Tyliho.

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