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  • 1 Mizrahi Year = 12 Months of 24 Mizrahi Days and 6 Months of 25 Mizrahi Days
  • 0.5692 Yearscale = A year in Mizrahi is 1.756851 times longer than a year in Sol.
  • 41 Mizrahi Years = Human Lifespan
  • 52 Mizrahi Years = Ancient Lifespan (1.25 * Human)


The timeline is split into sagas. A saga is not a unit length of time, rather a period where themed effets occur.

Ascendant Saga

  • ?e.????y.??m.??d - The Books of Mizrahi are written.
  • ?e.????y.??m.??d - The Ascendant's destroy almost all of civilization.
  • 1e.0000y.01m.01d - The 1st Era begins.

Lilian Saga

  • 1e.2292y.02m.20d - The Lilian Library is first established.
  • The Lilian War begins.
  • The Lilian Library is destroyed.
  • The Lilian War ends.
  • 1e.231?y.??m.??d - The remaining Books of Mizrahi are lost.
  • 1e.2944y.01m.21d - The last of the imperial line of succession of the Lilian Empire becomes deceased.

Destine Saga

  • 2e.1632y.08m.01d - The Destine make landfall in Ambryl.
  • 2e.1632y.18m.19d - The Ancient make landfall in Reditos.

Tyliho Saga

Rampant Saga

Delphi Saga

  • 2e.2216y.14m.08d - The Delphi first appear in Mizrahi space.
  • 2e.2511y.15m.05d - 1st Shardian invasion begins.

1st Shardian Saga

Intercept Saga

  • 2e.2612y.08m.18d - The Humans first appear in Mizrahi space.
  • 2e.2623y.11m.21d - The construction of the Biowarhead begins.
  • 2e.2640y.07m.22d - The Biowarhead is launched at the surface of Gara.

Nocturne Saga

Isis Saga

  • 2e.2964y.01m.08d - Isis Placian is born.
  • 2e.2967y.16m.12d - Yuko Navrine is born.
  • Xenith Takiane joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Buntan Menomu joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Fucha Utsuoon joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Bathilo Parkein joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Razebun Hakada joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Merobae Tatebonu joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Nenamaji Esoshi joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Tatebo Esoshi joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Mezoku Nenan joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Mange Haletu joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • 2e.2974y.13m.10d - Zal Institute of Tyliho Research is founded.
  • 2e.2976y.16m.12d - Yuko Navrine is ordered by the Zal Institute to take the Kuetsmai.
  • 2e.2976y.16m.14d - Yuko Navrine is captured.
  • Isis Placian seeks the Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Morlii Meserece joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Sicha Lekii joins Anicent Guardian Collective.
  • Ancient Government gains control of Anicent Senate.
  • Isis Placian becomes deceased.
  • Yuko Navrine regains freedom and destroys Zal Institute.
  • Yuko Navrine is gifted Serenade's Song.
  • Yuko Navrine joins Ancient Guardian Collective.

Ai Eura Saga

  • 2e.2989y.16m 03d - Ai-Eura is born.
  • Ai Eura founds United Territorial Commission (UTC Government).
  • UTC Government starts nonstop construction of the city of Demorel.
  • UTC Government begins the Codegate Project.
  • Ai Eura establishes the Preservation Policy.
  • All life becomes negligibly senescent.
  • The 3rd Era begins
  • Doma finds an abundance of resources near the Doma/TIC border.
  • UTC Government begins construction of the Apex Orbital Cannon.
  • UTC Government begins construction of the Mizra Solar Control Network.
  • UTC Government begins construction of the Codegate Network Control Pyramid.
  • UTC Government begins construction of the Eura Indexary.
  • UTC Government completes the Apex Orbital Cannon.
  • 3e.0007y.15m.18d - The 4 Day War begins.
  • 3e.0007y.15m.19d - Doma and the TIC mobilizable forces.
  • 3e.0007y.15m.20d - UTC Government fires the Apex Orbital Cannon at the Death Isles, turning it into obsidian
  • 3e.0007y.15m.21d - UTC Government mobilizes against both the Doma and TIC as peacekeeping forces
  • 3e.0007y.15m.22d - The 4 Day War ends
  • 3e.0013y.05m.12d - 2nd Shardian invasion begins.

2nd Shardian Saga

Parish Saga

Common Saga

Codegate Saga

Demiach Saga

Emerald Saga

Phoxol Saga

  • System gives the order to begin the transfer of Serenade

3rd Shardian Saga

  • Valentine arrives near Teramet
  • Serenade is lifted from Teramet and begins travel
  • 3e.0247y.17m.21d - 3rd Shardian invasion begins
  • World wide notification service is initiated and everyone scrambles
  • Serenade falls through Gara's atmosphere, caught by Fucha
  • Shardian world spherearrives in Mizrahi slipace
  • Scramble ordered as Riley Ledon's battle tactic is executed
  • Ancient Government monastery casts CL 99 guardia over teramet
  • Collective takes full formation, Yuko sovereign casts CL 99 pillar on sphere
  • Valentine moves to attack with Mass Driver, Paradigm prepares with Anomili
  • UTC Gov move to attack with Apex Orbital Cannon, Hivemind forces arrive
  • Collective prepares energy, Paradigm aligns with Cadinex STDS
  • UTC Gove fires Apex Orbital Cannon, Valentine fires Mass Driver
  • Shardian world sphere scrambles all units, Shardian theater 1 arrives
  • Ancient Omnicrest monastery charges energy, co-conjures with Collective
  • Collective fires energy technique, Paradigm request Valentine release Cadinex
  • Access granted to Release the Cadinex barrier, Paradigm charges Anomili
  • Emerald is lifted from the ground in part is absorbed into the Paradigm
  • Paradigm reforms and fires the Anomili, propelling the Cadinex Ruby
  • Ruby punctures sphere and begins crystiosis, Demiach faction arrives
  • Mass production of Demiach forces begins, Remaining shardian forces leave

Codemyir Saga

  • Celebration begins, and Demiach diplomatic relations are settled
  • Upset by the loss of life after the Eura Indexary becomes damaged, Ai Eura issues Order Aleph.
  • Demiach acceptance, and the Demiach faction take the new moon of Teramet, the old shardia worldsphere

Serenade Saga

Four Cross Saga

  • Construction of the Ledon Array is complete, and Saphixel enters Nijier
  • Saphixel destroys the city of Luti alone, Lance Noran responds with exile
  • Nijier forces blame Lance Noran and prepare invasion
  • Knowing the true source of attack, Collective intervenes during mobilization
  • Nijier does not let up, as Parish blames Lance for Luti's destruction
  • Saphixel's reign continues as he rips through Nijier, and Parish is desperate
  • Collective learns of the source of Saphixel's new power, and visit Riley Ledon
  • Collective, attempts to mitigate Saphixel's actions but fails
  • Riley has prepared a new array for his best customer, Xenith
  • With this new array a one on one battle is staged between Xenith and Saphixel
  • Four Cross forces begin to storm into Nijier territory, halted by Xenith
  • Both sides stop mid fight, Xenith thinks it is for him, but is instead skyward
  • Church of the Cross destroyed by an unknown force claiming to be god, Elemna

Seridial Saga

  • Seridial introduce themselves as masters of technique and back up the claim
  • Seridial share the secrets of travel at very fast speeds, at war with Shardis
  • Word is received that Shardis is on the move from the Demiach and Seridial, and the signal drones of Order Aleph.

4th Shardian Saga

  • Shardis himself enters Mizrahi slip-space
  • Emergency Alert activated, wide band auxiliary evacuation
  • Hivemind himself enters Mizrahi slip-space
  • Seridial forcse enter Mizrahi slip-space
  • Ruby, Oxyx, Emerald, Sapphire, and Opal attack Shardis
  • Paradigm Sigil mobilizes against Shardis
  • Valentine prepares FTL escape, and fires the Mass Driver
  • Shardis fires carbon ray at the Valentine, reducing its STDS to nothing
  • Shardis Destroys Oxyx and Sapphire
  • Valentine escapes as carbon ray is fired, missing impacting Skyline Citadel
  • Shardis Destroys Emerald
  • Collective, Omnicrest, Ancient Gov, and Teramet citizenship co-conjure Pillar
  • CL 99 Pillar launched against Shardis delivered by Bathilo, killing him
  • As a last ditch effort, Shardis, fires the carbon ray at Mizra before pillar
  • Shardis' fragments remain in Mizrahi space, and each of removed
  • Scale of the forces involved disturbs the system and threatens its death
  • Mizra itself is damaged and is dying
  • There is little hope left for the Mizrahi System

Elemna Saga

  • Study of Codemyir technology provides a possible solution
  • Eura Indexary has suffered massive damage, and threatens to shutdown the Codegate
  • the Valentine returns to Mizrahi slipspace, and works with the UTC to repair index
  • Repairs are only temporary, but communication is established with Ascendant
  • Transcendence is offered to all life in the Mizrahi, some respectfully decline

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Timeline & History - [3246 AD] – Earth's First Attacked by Shardis - [3275 AD] – Atmosphere Becomes Toxic - [3278 AD] – Mass Evacuation Begins - [3316 AD] – Life No Longer Sustainable - [3456 AD] – Construction of Novel Finished - [3464 AD] – Novel Filled to Capacity - [3480 AD] – Slipspace Opened, Travel Begins - [3573 AD] – Delphi Travel is Interrupted - [3634 AD] – Slipspace Travel Is Interrupted - [3636 AD] – Ancients Teach of Techniques - [3641 AD] – Ancients Suggest Gara Colony - [3681 AD] – Joint Terraformation Begins - [3695 AD] – Biobomb Constructed - [3703 AD] – Guardian Collective Conjure Life - [3705 AD] – Bomb Complete - [3706 AD] – Bomb Launched at Doma - [0 PT] – Life Springs Rapidly - [14 PT] – Genetic Engineering Begins - [26 PT] – 10 Million Plant Species Completed - [52 PT] – Seeds Launched to Surface - [54 PT] – Seed Generation Spawns Nocturne - [67 PT] – Ocean Generation Complete - [73 PT] – Nocturne In Danger Of Collapse - [75 PT] – Foundation Restoration Underway - [81 PT] – Nocturnes Stability Restored - [298 PT] – Oxygen Levels On Gara 20% - [356 PT] – Life Sustainable On Gara - [378 PT] – Land Segmented Between Factions - [400 PT] – Novel Lands In TIC and Unloads - [404 PT] – Cities Being Built - [407 PT] – First Meta Invasion on Mizrahi - [413 PT] – Guardians Establish Embassy - [418 PT] – Cadinex Discovered by Rossbury - [423 PT] – Second Meta Invasion on Teramet - [434 PT] – Lance Noran Born - [440 PT] – Guardian 20 Born - [452 PT] – TIC/Doma War Begins - [472 PT] – UTC Liquidates TIC/Doma Forces - [481 PT] – Lance Noran Discovers Cadinex - [482 PT] – Cadinex Annihilates City of Lavold - [504 PT] – Lance Noran Challenged by Parish - [506 PT] – Parish Leads Nijier to Victory - [513 PT] – Hivemind First Enters Mizrahi - [528 PT] – First Nodes of Grid Constructed - [532 PT] – Valentine Begins Construction - [535 PT] – Serenade Relocation - [536 PT] - Codegate Project Begins - [538 PT] – Present Day

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