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Welcome to the first step into the journey within my worlds.

Hello, I am SoaringMoon, an avid world builder and thus poster on the worldbuilding subreddit. You may be familiar with my old wiki. This is my new one. It is hosted on a web server, and not on a free service like the other one I was using. My plan is to keep this website on long term support. With that, I will be adding things on a regular basis just like I would a web comic. This way people can check up on the wiki and see new stuff that has been added. Mainly I have a job where I sit at a desk over night answering phone calls, and this will give me something to do in the interim.

The list of universes this wiki covers are of my own creation. You can find them in the sidebar to the left.

  • Links that are GREEN are finished.
  • Links that are RED are not finished.
  • Links that are BLUE lead outside of this website.


Important Pages

Also, consider viewing my youtube channel. I do like money, and that makes me money without having to beg for donations.

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