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Governmental System

The Merit State of Regelis /ɹegalɪs/, is a combination of three governmental systems; A Technocracy, A Noocracy, and A Meritocracy.

Technocracy is a form of government in which engineers, scientists, health professionals and other technical experts are in control of decision making in their respective fields. The term technocracy derives from the Greek words “tekhne” meaning skill and “kratos” meaning power, as in government, or rule. Thus the term technocracy denotes a system of government where those who have knowledge, expertise or skills compose the governing body. In a technocracy decision makers would be selected based upon how highly knowledgeable they are, rather than how much political capital they hold.

In a Noocracy, power is acquired and maintained according to the laws of competition, and would remain in the hands of the political elites but with these elites being professionally trained, making the most of the analysis, the forecasts and the propositions emanating from a vast array of advisory groups made up of experts from all areas of science, and setting up fieldwork experiments.

Finally, a Meritocracy is a system of government (based upon aristocratic or oligarchical structures) or other organization wherein appointments are made and responsibilities assigned to individuals based upon demonstrated intelligence and ability (merit). Meritocracy itself is not a form of government, but rather an ideology. It is often the case that meritocracy itself is confused as a type of government, rather than correctly as a methodology or factor used in or for, the appointment of individuals to government. Individuals appointed to a meritocracy are judged based upon certain merits which could range from intelligence to morality to general aptitude.

Regelis is a Technoomeritocratic Democratic Oligarchy. A ruling body of a small number of individuals, leaders of their fields elected by the people by merit of their works, who execute to the best of their ability their positions with advisory from all vectors.

Applying This Principle

With this system of government, the leading party is chosen by the people determined by range of credibility. The most credible and contributive to mankind as a whole, will be elected to serve a term in office.

The highest ranking official in office, is a Stace. A Stace is a single member of a small council. This council's only function, is to make the final decision as what new policies to enact upon the state. The Council of Staces, is informed by a publicly elected House of Associates. The House of Associates serves the role of a parliament, with Staces acting as the main speakers. The Associates within the house each represent one field within the government consortium. All Associates are under one of the Staces, and report vital and influential data directly to the Council.

The Associates have a barrage of advisors, that provide information to direct the Associates' main focus. Advisors, obtain information directly from scientists, researchers, and civilians within their given aspect of government. Advisors collect data to represent new policies provided by Associates to be passed by the Council via popular vote. The Council then distributes orders to be followed by District Chairmen, to change public or international policy.

In the event that any policy disregards and of the basic fundamental human rights. It can be declared “perilous aevum”, and disregarded in popular vote by the House of Judges. Otherwise, the House of Judges put the law into effect through district courts.

The Merit State of Regelis
Location: No Current Location
Capital: No Current Capital
Area: No Current Area
Population: >30
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 0 Ounces of Copper = 0$
0 Ounces of Silver = 0$
0 Ounces of Gold = 0$
0 Ounces of Platinum = 0$
Language: English
Religion: No Religion
Emblem: 10 Five pointed stars circumscribing a larger center 11th star. Stars touching the center points are silver, the middle and other 5 stars are gold.
Anthem: No Current Anthem
Holidays: No Current Holidays
Calendar: Gregorian
Standards: Metric
Economic Standard: 1B+78 Standard (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Currency Unit: Hour
Human Development Index (HDI): N/A
Date of Independence: N/A
Date of Establishment: September 10th 2010
Census: 2 Years
Suffrage: Universal to all individuals over the age of 16, or upon state recognized completion of formal exam. Every 2 years.
Term Length: 8 Years - Stace
8 Years - Vice Stace
4 Years - Secretary
4 Years - Associate
2 Years - Advisor
2 Years - District Chairman
Military Service: 4 Years- Service, Drafted Enlistment Compulsory at Age 18 for Males (limit of 19), Forced Retirement at 50
Legal Age: 15 - Labor
16 - Concent
18 - Suffrage
18 - Emancipation
18 - Smoking / Drinking / Gambling
18 - Military Service




System of Government



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