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Unnamed A

A world of super heroes and villains set within the Omniverse, a recursive structure of universes an timelines. The story takes place on Earth A.


Universal Hierarchial Structures

  • Monoverse - Synonymous with Plane.
  • Universe - The collection of all mono-verses that make up an collective unit.
  • Cycloverse - A universe whose flow of time has a predetermined destiny, to repeat of cyclic pattern of creation and destruction.
  • Biverse - A pair of entangled universes. Events in one universe loosely affect the other.
  • Multiverse - The collection of all universes that belong to a specific set of initial conditions.
  • Polyverse - A looping construct that seeds the creation of new universes though time and through new outcomes. The collection of all multiverses with the same initial conditions, and all branching outcomes as a result of probabilistic occurrences.
  • Omniverse - A similar looping construct that seeds the creation of new polyverses. It is the collection of all polyverses of all conditions and all branching outcomes of all conditions. There is, by definition no larger structure.

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