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Yurisuto Universe

The Yurisuto Universe is a 50/50 soft high science fiction, high fantasy blend. In this universe a great evil in the form of beings made of diamond lay waste to entire worlds. A group of 22 individuals, the Ancient Guardian Collective, have taken upon themselves the duty of saving the species of Mizrahi; the star system Yurisuto's story takes place.

Within their arsenal are the Books of Mizrahi. Powerful texts containing the secrets behind Tyliho, a form of magic that exists as a field ubiquitously throughout time and space. Once referred to as the Engine of Creation, the Ancient Guardian Collective are learning of its secrets. And they are utilizing it as a weapon against the Shardian threat.

The worlds of Gara and Teramet, the planets seeking the protection of the Guardian Collective, occupy a rich future. They have access to the Codegate, an artificial digital universe that holds a backup of the conscious of every sentient organism. With these tools the people of the Mizrahi system hope that they will remain safe through the next Shardian invasion, that could be coming sooner than anyone may realize.


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