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The 4th planet in the Mizrahi System, is Gara. It has only become important within recent history. Before the terraformation began, Gara was nothing to Teramet but a large ball of silicon and titanium oxide. Its potential was only realized when a member of the Ancient Guardian Collective, Bathilo Parkein, suggested that the energies of the Tyliho could be used to accelerate life on such a world. Lacking the materials to perform such a feat, the project was forgotten, and was lost to time. Until in 3634 AD, when UFV Novel was ripped from its slip-space tunnel due to a Gravitic Interference created by Ancient Government Techniquists. Upon reconciliation, a combination of Human, Ancient, Destine, and Delphi technology was used to terraform the desolate landscape. Gara is now comprised of 7 continents, on 3 primary tectonic plates; Ancientcia of Pangara: Yaphar, The Nijier Republic, and Relic of Xenogara: then Doma, TIC, and UTC Government of Endogara, and 3 oceans Xenogoree, Endogoree, and Pengoree.

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