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Teramet is the 3rd planet in the Mizrahi System and is home to the Ancient and Destine. A highly developed civilization has crawled almost its entire surface. One of the unique parts of Teramet is that the planet's crust is composed of more titanium, than iron, copper, and aluminum combined. Unfortunately, this prevents most of the citizenship from having sophisticated electronics, due to copper, silver, gold, and platinum being extremely rare metals. Home of the Ancient Government. Teramet is composed of 8 continents, and 3 oceans.

The Oracle World, as it is refereed to by Ancient Guardian Collective, holds majority vote when it comes to politics. Allies of this faction pledge true allegiance to the Guardian's rather than the Ancient Government. In the star system Mizrahi, where the Yurisuto Universe is set, Gara is the fourth, and they orbit within only 40 million miles. The gravitational pull of Teramet counteracts most of the tidal forces caused by Gara's three moons. The people of the Oracle World are strange in the fact that they are for the most part, strict, and organized; at all times, everything is serious business. Laid-back, casual activity is looked down upon here. Through all of its citizenship yearn for that lost feeling of relaxation. Ancientcia is both an embassy and vacation retreat for the people of Teramet.

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