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 +====== Anomoli ====== 
 +Anomoli are creatures of power unlike any seen before. They are members of the [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Upper Community]] and are of a generally good disposition. They are considered to be of even a holy nature, helping those who are most in need of their great power. The Anomoli will help any and all who fall in battle to evil, and those who did not intend to cause harm. Though the Anomoli are beings of the holiest nature; they are just, and will attack all who show them violence. Communication with the Anomoli has been established by the [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Ancient Guardian Collective]],​ governed by an [[yurisuto:​professions:​Oracle]] of the [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Ancient High Council]]. The number of Anomoli currently alive is 7, the last of them were born over 870 years ago, and gestate for over 2000 years.
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