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 ====== Delphi ====== ====== Delphi ======
-<<>>​+===== Specific Information ===== 
 +===== Description ===== 
 +It is best to imagine the stand [[yurisuto:​races:​human]] form, maybe a little shorter, with longer limbs, stricken ridged from scaring. No worries here though, this is normal for the Delphi. We are talking about a people made of a biologically engineered slurry of black liquid called [[yurisuto:​objects:​Phoxol]]. This bloody, viscous black liquid forms itself into the proper biological cells required to function as universal donor cells. Acting much like the human "stem cells",​ Phoxol can take the place of any organ tissue. A Delphi'​s entire cardiovascular system is filled not with blood-like platelets, but this honey-like liquid. They do not need to worry about amputation, as Delphi do not have pain receptors, nor even the neurotransmitters to mimic the feeling of pain. They regenerate quickly, and entire limbs can be restored. Delphi have the ability to control this Phoxol telepathically,​ telling its enzymes to change genetic archetype. When a limb is restored, it can be changed from a simple digited hand for manipulating objects, or a serrated bone killing tool. Needless to say the appearance of a Delphi can vary dramatically,​ but there are common standards in appearance. 
 +The first shared racial identifier of a Delphi is thick scared, rubbery skin. Scaring of the tissue flakes away as new targeted Phoxol cells replace the old skin. These flakes are brittle and have the texture of very thin parchment, but with the same bluish-steel grey hue as the tone of their skin. The most obvious part of a Delphi'​s body are bulbous, protruding, blister-like growths around joint regions of the body. Located on the upper shoulders, hips, sometimes elbows and knees, these large bulbs are actually Phoxol producing organs. Puncturing of these bulbs, while not directly harmful to the Delphi can weaken it from Phoxol loss. Delphi often do this, donating Phoxol to medical research and for pharmaceutical use. Another good identifier is simply to look at the teeth. A Delphi'​s teeth are naturally about 3 inches long, a quarter inch thick, on the top and the bottom, and when the mouth closed it pierces through gums much like a set of thick hypodermic needles. Though, its best not to use this as your only identifier, seeing as Delphi can regrow it into any shape they wish. 
 +===== Sociology ===== 
 +As a human being, a relationship with someone is about as close as physically touching them. Delphi have a complex breeding algorithm buried deep within their genetic code. Primarily, the species has 3 genders; Male, Female, and Demale. XY, XX, and YY chromosomes are represented here. Anyone with a basic knowledge of biology can make a determinant hypothesis is to how this breeding system occurs. There is of course more complex sexual combinations that can be made by altering genetic composition,​ and it does happen. There is more than mating to sex however, unfortunately for the Delphi, all members of the species can control each others Phoxol, and therefore form a telepathic link to it. Inadvertently,​ this gives Delphi the ability to communicate telepathically,​ and with any concentration can read minds. The being most experienced in this gift is the Hivemind itself, who can do so to beings with even a single Phoxol cell with connection to the brain. Since the beginning of the discovery of the Delphi race, Phoxol has been present throughout all of medicine. So, this is true for just about everyone. 
 +As for inter-species diplomacy, seeing the outward appearance of the Delphi is generally nightmarish,​ it does not often favor their side of things. Fear of a developing aggression between the Delphi and [[yurisuto:​races:​Destine]] races is prevalent within all cultures. If war breaks out between them, there is no hope for any life to exist as the Delphi military is a mind-maddening force quadrillions in number. Even the thought of war on both sides is enough to keep it from happening. While it is obvious that the Delphi would come out on top, peaceful resolution is still desired. Also, with genetic alteration being on the forefront of research in among Destine scientists, a common ground has been reached in the understanding and improvement of the Delphi. Not to mention, everyone continues to share a common enemy; The [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Meta Regime]]. The plural form of Delphi is Delphi or Hive. 
 +===== Environment ====== 
 +There is no environment within ones imagination that could describe what the Delphi experience in daily life. A Delphi'​s living arrangement is a damp, bioluminescently lit housing, aboard a ship with sphincters for doors, and hydraulics constructed of muscle tissue. The arid smell of dying flesh signifies only that something is "​broken"​ and navigation through this living vessels'​ corridors resembles something akin to a fractaline mess. On a positive note there is greenery, traditional plant-life that is beautiful, diverse, and fruitful with its immediate surroundings providing for it all of the nutrients to survive. The ship itself is a living creature, not unlike an elephant, communicating with every member on-board; as to its location, where its headed, and managing life support systems such as air, food, water, and waste disposal. The Delphi homeworld system [[yurisuto:​solar systems:​Hive]] itself, is exactly the same, at a much larger scale, with an omnipresent entity at its core. Best not to dwell on the creatures size nor scale, as the [[yurisuto:​planes:​Codegate]] links to it for travel. 
 +===== Belief System ===== 
 +Delphi religion is not so much a religion as it is mandatory. The [[yurisuto:​characters:​Hivemind]] is an omnipotent, dictatorial entity, and every word he utters is put into effect immediately without argument. Revolution or mutiny had best be preformed far outside of his range of influence. Seeing as all Delphi are telepathically linked, and the Hivemind has his own secret intelligence and military; that range of direct influence near impossible to avoid short of abandoning all sentient civilization. While the Delphi do not participate in prayer or secular service, they have the complete belief that the Hivemind will do anything in its power to protect any individual. Where an outside observer can clearly see this is not the case, the Delphi do not participate in such discussion, and will put trust and devotion the the Hivemind'​s best interests above the importance of their own lives. Fortunately for everyone, the Hivemind is a reasonably nice guy who doesn'​t afraid of anything. 
 +===== Language ===== 
 +Interestingly,​ of all the languages the universe has to offer; the Delphi language is the most interesting. While clearly hearing Delphi when spoken, a listener can determine separate syllables. The uncommon part of the language, is that the syllables are layered and spoken separately on three (four in Females) sets of vocal cords. This gives Delphi speech a layered effect, similar to that of a group of people speaking in unison. The speech sounds of the Delphi language are difficult to mimic. Because of this layered effect, to emulate the difficulties in understanding even basic speech, do the following. Gather yourself and two of your friends; Have one friend pronounce this word, Karakashith;​ Have your second friend pronounce this word, Aramistalis;​ Then pronounce this word yourself, Talicalipin. After you get this discussed and down pat, grab a recording device and have the three of you repeat your words simultaneously into the microphone. When you play it back, that will be something akin to the Delphi word for its own language. Normally, Delphi do not vocalize within their own culture, as they do not have the biological limitations to require it. Delphi can indeed learn to speak other languages, and to so instantaneously with information provided by and pieced together from the experiences of in-range Delphi. It is said that the name of the Hivemind when spoken in the Delphi'​s native language can madden the mind of any mortal man. This is why he is called by the title "​Hivemind"​ to ease stress on the mind. 
 +===== Racial Traits ===== 
 +What makes Delphi stand out from all other biological races, is their unique muscular resolve. There is little fatty material in the body of a Delphi, their composition is all muscle. Not just any kind of muscle, but tissue genetically engineered to be superior. Delphi are more accustomed to weapons created of their own materials, rather than foreign Human and [[yurisuto:​races:​Ancient]] weapons. Delphi weapons are solid living bio-matter, made of [[yurisuto:​objects:​Delphite]] and are heavy. They repair themselves at the cost of them being extraordinarily immobile.
 ===== Reproduction ===== ===== Reproduction =====
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