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 +====== Nymphel ====== 
 +Nymphel are an interesting species. They are best described as fairy like, but lack the traditional whimsical nature of a true fairy. The Nymphel are a [[yurisuto:​techniques|techniqual]] race, that use the power of their [[yurisuto:​concepts:​Tyliho]] to conquer lands, build technologies,​ and gain resources. They are the base funding base for the [[yurisuto:​organizations:​Relic]] Federation as they harvest needs gold from countryside villages. Nymphel are keen of eye and have small hummingbird like wings thatallow them to easily fly at high speeds over great distances. Ranging from a meek knee height to a formidable waist height, they are neither physically strong, nor are they enduring. They can however speed and buzz around you while you attempt to make swings at them. Their logical capabilities are great, and their battle tactics are strong. They cannot hit them with a club, but they can easily throw many fireballs at you. So many fireballs.
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